Iron Fist

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Mar 17, 2017 - Sep 08, 2018




Drama / Action




Danny - Finn JonesColleen - Jessica HenwickHarold - David WenhamJoy - Jessica StroupWard - Tom PelphreyClaire - Rosario Dawson

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A drama following a presumed-dead billionaire who returns home to reclaim his family legacy.

It has been fifteen years since billionaire Danny Rand was presumed dead in a plane crash. When he mysteriously returns to New York City to connect with his past, his body is now a living weapon with a mastery of kung fu and the ability to summon a power known as the Iron Fist.

When a long-destined enemy emerges, Rand must choose between reclaiming his family's legacy and his duty to fight the criminal element as the Iron Fist.

Comments (8)

01/29/20 at 11:23pm

Once again! Superhero movies are making billions of dollars. How can we bring this to television with no plot whatsoever and the worst actors we can find? Brutally funny Hollywood reviews podcast
01/02/19 at 04:01pm

Really but why this is a great Marvel show plz keep it going too many shows canceled already this is too much
09/19/18 at 08:57am

No costume? He does have, that stupid yellow face mask that drives me crazy.

Luke Cage with his hoody is iconic.

The point is to make 'realistic' superhero stuff, and real heroes don't dress up in costumes so much. Danny Rand is the kind of guy who would never dress up, as is Luke.
08/09/17 at 11:08am

I love this show!!! Well acted and great action!!
michael dobey
07/22/17 at 01:08pm

Costume! WHy do they insist on not giving him and luke cage a costume. It's not cool. The show was the hardest to watch of the four superhero netflix shows. Still , I am glad it's on. JUST GIVE HIM A COSTUME.
05/05/17 at 03:52am

Very slow, no real big villain. Finn Jones as Iron Fist, he hardly uses it he keeps getting beat up. The poorest Netflix series so far. They need to up the ante on this or i can see it disappearing after the 2nd series, if it even gets that far.
04/12/17 at 12:31pm

Ok it's awesome but when does season 2 come out!? ... And honestly Harold's story? After episode one it fell into place in predictablility.. other than that though, it's pretty awesome!
Vance B
03/17/17 at 02:34pm

at midnight I tried to binge watch this but then I remembered I had work today. Made it through 4 episodes and am chomping at the bit to get home and watch the rest. This series is soooo good, far superior to Luke Cage and much better than the 2nd season of Daredevil. This may become my 2nd favorite Marvel netflix series after Jessica Jones.

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