One Day at a Time

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Jan 06, 2017 - Jun 16, 2020








Penelope - Justina MachadoLydia - Rita MorenoDwayne - Todd GrinnellElena - Isabella GomezDr. Berkowitz - Stephen TobolowskyAlex - Marcel Ruiz

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A comedy following three generations of a Cuban-American family living in the same household.

Penelope Alvarez is a former military veteran and single mom who is doing her best to raise her progressive teenage daughter and socially awkward tween son. Penelope also lives with her old-school mother, who tries her best to help her get by.

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05/07/20 at 09:01pm

I've been watching the show on the Pop network and we're enjoying it a lot. I don't know why Netflix dropped it, but I'm glad Pop picked it up - and I'm also glad that I can get Pop shows via Hulu. It's a light sit-com show, made to give the audience a laugh; that it.
I'm not sure if there are only six episodes this season or if the filming was cut short due to the virus, I hope it goes on for a while, we enjoy it very much.
02/15/19 at 11:57am

I used to like this show. The new seasons, especially the third all episodes goes above to make topics of everything. Its became depressing to watch it. The balance between comedy and sad drama is tilting to very dark series. Hope they change it!
02/14/19 at 09:57am

Can’t wait for season 4!!! Season 3 covered so many serious hard topics and made it so amazing I was in tears majority of the time. Amazing please don’t stop our kids need this
02/08/19 at 04:51pm

This is old, recycled garbage with a new ugly, bow. This is a SJW rip-off of the classic 75-84 version of the same name, but with all of this generations bullshit thrown in. More complete garbage from NetFlix. Even more glad I cancelled my subscription. Keep melting your brains SJW zombies. Soon you'll be adhered to our couch, drooling.
Natalia Cervantes
03/13/18 at 07:47pm

Love watching these gente locos... jajaja...can’t wait for season 3...
Will Schneider
02/28/18 at 12:49pm

Best Comedy running, Rita Moreno a true Goddess in this hole.
Wilda melendez
02/22/18 at 01:30pm

Love, love , love it Didn't think I would since I was a fan of original But I like it much better
Wilda melendez
02/22/18 at 01:29pm

Love the show!! Excellent cast I laugh I Cry Didn't think I would like it since I was a fan of the original but I like it better!! Please come back for another season
christine bradtke
02/05/18 at 03:36pm

Absolutely love this show. Phenomenal cast
David Erickson
04/01/17 at 03:20pm

Awesome show. Glad I found it on Netflix.

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