Santa Clarita Diet

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Feb 03, 2017 - Mar 29, 2019




Comedy / Horror




Sheila - Drew BarrymoreJoel - Timothy OlyphantAbby - Liv HewsonEric - Skyler Gisondo

A comedic horror following a couple dealing with the fallout after one of them becomes a zombie.

Joel and Sheila Hammond are realtors leading lives of discontent in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita. Things take an unexpectedly dark turn when Sheila goes through a dramatic change that leaves her needing human flesh to survive.

With their lives turned upside down, Joel will do everything he can to find a way to provide for his family until they can figure things out.

Comments (13)

07/10/19 at 09:18am

Another good and funny show gone. I just don't understand why this one would be cancelled.
06/26/19 at 04:09pm

Please someone else pick up the show...hulu,Amazon...anyone
06/26/19 at 04:08pm

Unfortunately Netflix doesn't Realize what a great show they have and cancel it so disappointed and Netflix canceling my subscription
05/01/19 at 09:46pm

You guys suck! I love this show. Timothy Oliphant- yes please! The show was cute, endearing, dramatic, funny, and violent. Loved it. I so wanted to see how ( spoiler alert!!) Joel was going to handle being immortal undead. So disappointed
04/26/19 at 07:10pm

Today, Netflix has canceled STD.
01/26/19 at 11:28pm

Timothy is way too hot for drew. He's a 10 and she is a solid 6 an a half
04/23/18 at 05:45pm

Pairing Drew and Tim together is perfect--great on-screen chemistry. How can you not love Drew Barrymore--she's fantastic and her characters are always so believable. Tim Olyphant will always be Ralen Givens to me, but he is great in this. Didn't like the daughter the first season, but the character did a 180 so that's a plus.
Kyla Davis
07/07/17 at 02:23pm

Love this show! Really looking forward to season 2! Could do without the daughter, don't particularly care for her, but still love it!
03/09/17 at 07:35am

Pretty cute show. Hope its returned for season 2!!
02/09/17 at 01:36pm

The DREW and TIM lover comment is a paid shill. I have seen this exact comment, word for word on every message board about this horrible show.

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