Superior Donuts

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Feb 02, 2017 - May 14, 2018








Arthur - Judd HirschFranco - Jermaine FowlerRandy - Katey SagalTush - David KoechnerFawz - Maz JobraniMaya - Anna BaryshnikovJames - Darien Sills-EvansSweatpants - Rell Battle

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A comedy following the owner of a donut shop in a rapidly-gentrifying Chicago neighborhood.

Arthur is an old-school, no-nonsense owner of a small Chicago donut shop that hasn't changed since it first opened back in 1969. Yet while his shop stays frozen in time, the neighborhood around it is seeing some major changes. Still, Arthur has no interest in selling cronuts and designer coffees.

But with the donut shop falling on hard times, Arthur starts to realize that something has got to give.

Enter Franco, a young man who manages to talk his way into becoming Arthur's one and only employee. It isn't long before Franco's enterprising spirit convinces Arthur that he has to bring his business into the 21st century and embrace all the changes around him.

Comments (17)
03/28/17 at 06:47am

This show's lack of originality is stunning. It rips off "Chico and the Man", "Cheers" and a parade of one dimensional characters from the last 50 years of TV. Judd Hirsch is a great casting choice but he is made to play a cliche' of a grump with the heart of gold. Franco is the minority kid who is so darned charming, Arthur is won over in all of one episode. There is no story arc or complexity and the audience is denied the opportunity to slowly learn to care about these characters. Instead, the producers and writers use a paint by number kit to make you care and we don't. The blonde, pseudo intellectual waitress with her nose in a book is hinting at Diane Chambers but "Superior Donuts" shows that Glen Charles, Les Charles and James Burroughs are not coming through that door. If only they could. The Arab character joking about terrorism was just revolting. It's hard enough to make that topic funny and it would be a challenge to mine laughs from promoting a hateful stereotype even for good writers. Is this all that network TV can offer today?
03/21/17 at 04:36pm

This show is actually funny if you give it a chance. Cracks me up, the cast is great, way better than 2 Broke Girls.
03/13/17 at 07:48pm

This show wasn't a bad premise, and has good actors. Happy to see Judd Hirsh and Katey Sagal together, Maz Jobrani & David Koechner. But tackling "social issues" is not why I wanted to watch this show. Tonight's episode titled "The Amazing Racists" about stop 'n' frisk cops, the stolen baseball, and racial profiling... come on. I watch comedies because I am tired of all this on the news. Can't we just have a comedy show about a guy who runs a donut shop? We already had the one where Franco got mugged. 7 shows in, and it is already "preachy." Sad. :-(
02/13/17 at 08:40am

This show is fantastic! I like the originality of the premise.
David Wood
02/03/17 at 05:00pm

Usual cast of bland characters.
Only funny one was the terrorist- oops, I mean the Arab businessman. I like his suit.
70's Flash Back
02/02/17 at 11:08am

Sounds like an updated Chico & the Man.
01/25/17 at 05:35pm

The Plopster gives this show no longer than one season. The only reason to even check it out is for ol' Judd Hirsch. But I don't think even he can save this from an inevitable early ax.

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