Superior Donuts

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Feb 02, 2017 - May 14, 2018








Arthur - Judd HirschFranco - Jermaine FowlerRandy - Katey SagalTush - David KoechnerFawz - Maz JobraniMaya - Anna BaryshnikovJames - Darien Sills-EvansSweatpants - Rell Battle

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A comedy following the owner of a donut shop in a rapidly-gentrifying Chicago neighborhood.

Arthur is an old-school, no-nonsense owner of a small Chicago donut shop that hasn't changed since it first opened back in 1969. Yet while his shop stays frozen in time, the neighborhood around it is seeing some major changes. Still, Arthur has no interest in selling cronuts and designer coffees.

But with the donut shop falling on hard times, Arthur starts to realize that something has got to give.

Enter Franco, a young man who manages to talk his way into becoming Arthur's one and only employee. It isn't long before Franco's enterprising spirit convinces Arthur that he has to bring his business into the 21st century and embrace all the changes around him.

Comments (17)

10/19/18 at 05:56pm

Really miss this show. Sometimes ya hafta look past the politics and find the humor.
10/14/18 at 07:06pm

A funny show I miss. Yes, this show and too many others are getting into social comedy rather than the purpose we watch TV is escape from all that drama. Producers and writers have lost focus on what the TV watching community wants.
Want this show back with its original story lines.
07/03/18 at 08:37pm

Good at first but got way to focused on making social statements vs making us laugh... needs to go.
06/05/18 at 06:18am

I wish the show was on longer.I miss watching it on Monday's.
05/16/18 at 11:30am

05/16/18 at 09:11am

I must admit I am the type to post reviews about a show only AFTER it's been cancelled. I had no foresight about the show during it's 34 episode run because then I look like an ass.Now I appear to be a "genius"
05/16/18 at 09:06am

The Plopster was wrong again as usual, and wishes a season 3 could have been realized.
07/16/17 at 02:16pm

Rather lame!
Donut Luvr
05/08/17 at 08:12pm

Love the show. Glad to see Judd H. and Katie S. back on TV. Never would have guessed the two would be in a show together!! OK... What flavor are the pink topped donuts? There are more than one, and all can't have strawberry icing!!! Any ideas??? :-)
Laurie Thomas
04/23/17 at 08:41pm

Love this show it makes me laugh. So does 2 broke girls. You cancel these funny shows. But yet show stupid shows like the amazing race and big brother.

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