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Athena - Angela BassettBobby - Peter KrauseMaddie - Jennifer Love HewittEvan - Oliver StarkHowie - Kenneth ChoiHenrietta - Aisha HindsMichael - Rockmond Dunbar

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A drama following the lives and careers of first responders.

Police Officers, firefighters, and paramedics are the people who put their lives on the line to save and protect others.

Based on the high-pressure experiences of real-life first responders, this series takes viewers into pulse-pounding situations that are always intense, often unpredictable, and at times, uplifting.

Follow these heroes as they work to balance saving the lives of those who are vulnerable with the everyday issues in their own lives.

Comments (29)

10/04/22 at 06:51pm

Disappointed in this show. It has turned into a soap opera. Squad wasn't even in this week's episode.
04/01/22 at 11:47am

Love this show! Not my favorite and it has bad moments but it's a good show :). Also, in case you're wondering, no, the most main characters are not gay. Some of the main cast is, but there's not a lot of storylines with it. However, there's dozens of straight relationship storylines, so I'm sure if you're homophobic you'll survive it. Just stop hating and either watch the show or don't! :)
10/19/21 at 06:44pm

Used to love this show however this season is ridiculous. What happened? Did they sack the writers? Crap storyline and just plain silly
09/06/20 at 02:20pm

I enjoy this show, the action as well as the character dynamics and the emotional ups and down. So looking forward to the new season..
05/18/20 at 00:58am

Every single episode, runs every emotion. Laughing one minute, freaked out the next. Love this show, it's stories, the characters, their lives. Thanks for really good TV
11/06/19 at 04:23am

Would like to know when season 2 is going to be out on dvd. Like the show,need more rescues,not personal drama.
05/18/19 at 06:01am

The only thing this show is rescuing, is the acting careers of has beens and never will be's . Horrible plots followed by horrible acting make this show a prime candidate for worst series ever . Jump the shark already !!!
04/11/19 at 03:00pm

I find myself emotionally touched by each episode, in one way or another. That's what hooked me. The acting is hit and miss, with those who portray Chim, Hen, Buck, Maddie, Bobby and Maddie being the best. I do NOT like Angela Basset in this role.... she comes off almost like Maleficent! I agree with the comments about agendas. I quit watching 2 of my absolute favorite shows ever, due to political agendas. I watch TV to be entertained, not brainwashed. I also agree that there are too many personal discussions during the crisis scenes...ridiculous! What keeps me watching are the stories that touch my heart and that I feel the show is (so far) written to be accepting of all. Just stop forcing so much political crap down our throats, please!
02/19/19 at 06:57pm

It looks like new episodes are back on March 18.
02/19/19 at 11:13am

Is this show ever coming back on? Whats with these shows hardly ever being on anymore?

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