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Sep 25, 2018 - Present




Drama / Crime


Maggie - Missy PeregrymJubal - Jeremy SistoOmar - Zeeko ZakiKristen - Ebonee Noel

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A drama following agents working at the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This procedural takes an eye-opening look at the inner-workings of the New York office of the FBI, including the combination of skills, intellect, and cutting-edge technology used to keep the city and country safe.

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09/30/19 at 08:24am

Another liberal, slanted look at the FBI. Acting is horrible!!! The guy who plays the muslim agent is so bad I spend half the time watch the show laughing the other half yelling at the TV. Hypocrite doesn't even begin to describe it. This was renewed for another season but should have been discarded in the toilet where it belongs! This is not entertainment it is propaganda.
Loki Doodle
05/01/19 at 09:12pm

This show is terrible. Missy is the worst I can't stand the show mainly because of her. I stopped watching it a while ago. plus we always have to have political agenda messages and PC messages in every episode just like all crap on TV right now. can't we just stick to entertainment isn't that what acting is supposed to be about?
Mary Duff
03/28/19 at 08:27am

I really like this show except for Maggie always looking sad and mad. The yelling isn’t great but I think the unhappy expressions will be my reason to move on to a different show.
Karen Verdina
03/12/19 at 10:17pm

I look forward to watching the FBI. Some of the shows on TV are so bad that I can't stand to watch them. At least the FBI is interesting. I will take it over the not so funny comedys.
02/13/19 at 12:52pm

Like many L&O shows it has it good and bad episodes. Needs some time to establish it character base.
Charles Riley
12/06/18 at 12:50pm

Jeremy Sisto's Character is taking to whole unit, he have to speak loud over busy workers. If you speak calmly, you get no attention.
mary burke
11/15/18 at 08:26pm

Was hoping for much better. Can't cope with Jeremy Sisto always yelling. Maybe that is the only way they can get the audience attention. Can't see this show lasting much longer. I won't be recording anymore episodes.
10/31/18 at 02:20pm

If this is fbi at its best trump is home free
Love missy p tho great in van helsing
Don’t look at the frown look slightly lower
10/25/18 at 03:47pm

Why does Jeremy Sisto scream all his lines?
10/24/18 at 02:34pm

If this is how the FBI really works then we need a whole new FBI. Poorly written, dumb plots, see no reason it should stay on the air.
Can't they go to the FBI and get some actual cases to write about?

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