God Friended Me

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Sep 30, 2018 - Apr 26, 2020




Drama / Comedy




Miles - Brandon Micheal HallCara - Violett BeaneArthur - Joe Morton

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A dramedy following an atheist whose life changes after getting a friend request from God.

Miles Finer is a podcast host in New York who is outspoken about being an atheist. When he randomly receives a friend request from God on Facebook, it starts him down the path of becoming an agent of change in the lives and destinies of people around him.

Comments (56)

02/06/20 at 02:52pm

We love this show! No worries of inappropriate content when grandkids around. Nice to watch something light-hearted and not blood and murder! Please do not cancel!!!
10/23/19 at 12:44pm

Not much middle ground here. Love it or hate it, it can please all. Love it, watch it. Don't love it, don't watch it ...
Just Keith
10/15/19 at 08:16am

Stopped watching this show after the latest episode.

Whether you believe in (any) God or not, He has a track record set way of doing things, and a known list of things that are acceptable and not acceptable. Berlanti crossed one of those things in the last episode, and has crossed others in the past. Therefore the show is now unwatchable.
Beverly LG Knockers
10/14/19 at 09:18pm

This show was good last season and now it is just too repetitive!! Hearing the phrase **The God Account** twenty times an hour doesn't make a good show!! This show was supposed to expand and create new discoveries, but yet every episode people are saying to the cast **I wish you would mind your own business** **This is all your fault** This show needs to stop being so predictable and BORING!!
07/09/19 at 05:35pm

we need more shows like this
04/21/19 at 10:42pm

Absolutely love this show. I cannot wait for season 2!
Tessie Miller
03/23/19 at 09:21am

I LOVE the show God Friended Me! Please re-think the issue of Canceling it. I can hardly wait each week until a new episode comes on TV. I also love watching the older episodes back to back. I m sure your Directors and Producers of God Friended Me can come up with a solution to ending it. Please Don't Cancel this Show!
03/17/19 at 11:14am

Hey floridial
... there is medication available for my attention problem ...
02/10/19 at 08:10pm

Love this show not happy it has been preempted for last three weeks for garbage like awards shows and a wash up singer aka Garth Brooks.
01/31/19 at 07:00pm

There is definitely room on TV for shows that touch others positively. I was glad to read the comments here from people who really love and look forward to this show. However, after seeing every episode so far, I'm going to have to pull the plug on this one. For me, the pacing is just too slow. Although I think the concept of the God Account is interesting, I find the execution of the plot to be tedious. I always seem to find myself pausing and doing something else while watching it.

It's not an easy decision to make. The acting is good and technically the show is well made but since I have dozens of other shows that I watch, I'm going to have to let this one go. If I change my mind a couple of months from now, I'm sure I'll be able to pick right up where I left off because nothing much changes from week to week. Happy viewing to those of you who love it.

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