• Season 3 of 'Lost in Space' premieres on Wednesday, Dec 1.

Lost in Space

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Apr 13, 2018 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


John - Toby StephensMaureen - Molly ParkerDon - Ignacio SerricchioJudy - Taylor RussellPenny - Mina SundwallWill - Maxwell JenkinsDr. Smith - Parker Posey

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A reboot of the iconic 1960s sci-fi series of the same name.

When Planet Earth faces a crisis, the Robinson family journeys to space with hopes of writing a new chapter in human history.

But when their spacecraft crashes on a mysterious frozen planet, the family faces unknown dangers as they fight for their lives to escape.

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01/20/20 at 10:57am

@Wanda: season 2 aired Christmas 2019.

@the rest: since there was more than a year and a half between season 1 and 2 expect about the same waiting time now....
01/18/20 at 11:58pm

We like this show just wanted to know when is season 2 starting?? Can't wait to watch it again
christine a bradtke
01/10/20 at 05:10am

Absolutely amazing show. This cast is wonderful Please renew
12/26/19 at 02:51pm

A really good show ………surprisingly.
Please renew.
12/26/19 at 08:47am

Season 3 needs to be green lit .....

still shows extreme promise .... Enjoyed season 2 ....nuff said !
marc winters
12/25/19 at 00:12am

nice show i hope there comes a season 3
04/16/19 at 10:13pm

Awesome show. I binge watched about a month ago and was left wanting more. I'm really hoping it'll be back soon!
02/06/19 at 08:25am

This show has lots to like. The morally shifty robot was pretty good. A robot that thinks for itself but accepts on the surface a principle that s/he/it has some responsibility to whoever turns it on, actually makes perfect sense. This is exactly how machines work if you just turn them on and don't read the instructions--which is common if the machine is from a hostile alien force. They do more or less what you want or expect until you run afoul of some principle that of design. In this case, it came installed with ethical judgments, which to my mind means that the aliens that made them may be hostile but they can be reasoned with.

Disappointed a bit with Dr. Smith, as the original was by far the best performance in the original series. But one must note that the new series, it's not an inferior performance--she's (Dr. Smith's) not meant to creep you out in the obvious-villain way. Instead, she's supposed to be an 'evil teddy bear'--something sweet but poisonous.

In all, more than a good series. Just sad that I picked it up so soon as I like to watch the first three seasons all in one month.
08/08/18 at 00:42am

Space Family Robinson was a comic book that I loved as a kid (c. 1965 or so). The mom and dad and three kids (two girls and one boy) all had the same name as in the series, but the story line was completely different. They traveled from system to system landing their shuttlecraft on alien planets trying to find their way back to Earth. High adventures. I was really disappointed when the first series came out because it was campy and predictable. This series is better by far, and I hope the writers manage to create some of the same scenarios as in the comic book.
07/30/18 at 11:34am

Was a lukewarm fan of the original series. LOVE this one. Great show. Drawn right into the show from the 1st episode. Wife too, and she isn't even a sci-fi fan. I like the different approach to the robot, much more interesting story element. I certainly hope this show will continue and not be cancelled after a season or two like half the junk the major networks throw out there these days.

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