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Apr 13, 2018 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


John - Toby StephensMaureen - Molly ParkerDon - Ignacio SerricchioJudy - Taylor RussellPenny - Mina SundwallWill - Maxwell JenkinsDr. Smith - Parker Posey

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A reboot of the iconic 1960s sci-fi series of the same name.

When Planet Earth faces a crisis, the Robinson family journeys to space with hopes of writing a new chapter in human history.

But when their spacecraft crashes on a mysterious frozen planet, the family faces unknown dangers as they fight for their lives to escape.

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07/05/18 at 01:36pm

Ulus... wow... you are way to critical of a TV show, not to mention you clearly missed some stuff...like why they didn't walk over the tar or the fact that they aren't supposed to be astronauts! You also seemed to have missed the original series...as the robots role unfolds throughout the series, which ends up being more complex than you are assuming. The also didn't use human hand waving to open the door, but hey you missed lots of stuff so I didn't expect you'd get that either. I hate to hear your opinions on some of the most renowned of the sci-fi genre.
06/11/18 at 10:02am

I never watched the original series. Tbh born in 1981 I was never really interested in the program or sci-fi for that matter. Seeing as I never seen the original I have nothing to compare this to so for me this show gets fresh eyes. Although I am not a big fan of the sci-fi genre I quite enjoyed this, so if this series has the ability to capture non sci-fi fans such as myself then it must be doing something right. I only came on this site to see if it was renewed for a 2nd season which it is so I am pleased.
05/13/18 at 05:59pm

I'm not huge on this reboot of a show I loved as a kid. It was ok but it better get better in season 2 if it wants to keep me as a watcher. This show's robot is a pale imitation of the original which had a personality and was a foil to Dr Smith. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in the show over all, but I'm willing to give it another season to see if they can improve it and perk up my interest.
The Recluse
05/12/18 at 03:29pm

Love it! Can't wait for season 2.
05/10/18 at 09:54pm

Please, DO NOT renew this crap! It insults my intelligence.

It's a cheesy mixture of a sci-fi parody and a sitcom in space. The 'sci' in 'sci-fi' is a small part of the show, and half of it was utter nonsense (like the tar pond the Robinsons didn't want to step over, but had no issue swimming through and getting smeared in at the end). As to the rest, I could not decide which character was the least annoying. The cringe-worthy dialog, the unfunny one-liner quips, it was all too much for a serious sci-fi fan. The show also required too many leaps of faith and taking things for granted without an apparent explanation, or worse - a bad one. It's beyond me how any of the Robinsons would pass any of the psych tests and become real astronauts in the first place. It makes sense that the dad was the only balanced one because he spent a long of time away from that madhouse.
As to the robot... where do I even begin? The writers never settled on whether it's supposed to be an Artificial Intelligence, or just a machine that follows orders. Well, it can't be an AI because it blindly follows and protects the last carbon-based life form that puts its body parts back together. What?! Wait, or is it just humans from Earth? Nah, that would make even less sense. Would it follow an animal, if the animal accidentally brought it together? Actually to this day, I still don’t quite understand what exactly determines the robot’s loyalty, and why it has to be blindly loyal to a single being. Also, we learn that the robot is “only as good as its master”. O..K…., so definitely not very intelligent then, if it can’t think for itself. But why would a super-advanced alien race build a super-robot, that can be so easily controlled by anything that moves from other worlds? Well, then again, they used spaceships that could be unlocked by human hand waving. Go figure. Oh yea, and in the final scene the robot suddenly flipped from 'bad' to 'good' for no apparent reason or trigger, which contradicts everything we knew up to that point. But hey, the good guys won, and that’s all that matters, right? Viewers shouldn’t be asking all these pesky questions.
As I said, this garbage insults my intelligence. Waste of money.
04/17/18 at 04:59pm

Having grown up watching the original LIS series, it is important to stress "HOW VERY SURPRISED AND PLEASED WITH THE UPDATED VERSION!!!" both husband and I are. Drawn right into the show from the get go. Binged on the 1st season ***** 5 stars! Waiting anxiously for the 2nd, 3rd and etc... seasons. BRAVO!!!!!!!
04/16/18 at 06:40am

Seen all Ten ...

bring a renewal please ....

Athen get a life you sad pathetic person ..one way to ruin a thread
04/13/18 at 05:45pm

I’m halfway through the season and I’m loving it! It’s very well produced and polished. Reminds me of a cross between Battlestar Galactica and Stargate in regards to production and story value.
04/13/18 at 01:15pm

@Aethn Why is everything you post always complaining about the LGBT community. Just admit you are a homophobe already.
04/13/18 at 08:29am

Please tell me the Robot isn't cast as a Gay Robot.

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