New Amsterdam

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Sep 25, 2018 - Present




Drama / Medical


Dr. Goodwin - Ryan EggoldDr. Sharpe - Freema AgyemanDr. Bloom - Janet MontgomeryDr. Pearson - Jocko SimsDr. Kapoor - Anupam KherDr. Frome - Tyler Labine

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A medical drama following a doctor working to revitalize a once-great hospital.

Max Goodwin is a brilliant doctor who is the hospital's newest medical director. Wanting to disrupt the status quo, he sets out to bypass bureaucracy and focus on providing patients with exceptional care.

Dr. Goodwin will stop at nothing to revive this underfunded and understaffed institution, which is the world's only facility capable of treating Ebola patients, inmates from Rikers Island, and the president of the United States all under one roof.

Comments (45)

12/26/20 at 02:37am

I am looking forward to seeing this show return. However, like others I don’t need a stream of liberal left-wing ideology rammed down my throat each week. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen; if it does I’m out.... not interested.
11/15/19 at 12:00pm

My wife and I love this show, but we think they could lose the snare drum. Sometimes you can’t hear the actors because of the noise from the drum!
09/25/19 at 10:15am

Great show!!!! It had us guessing until the bitter end as to who died last season. Great way to start this season.
04/24/19 at 05:22pm

This show is amazing-please keep it on. I love New Amsterdam for the acting and for the compassionate demonstration each episode that a poor child/adult who gets a life-threatening illness is as worthy of care as a rich child/adult. I call that a human viewpoint, not a “liberal” one.
03/19/19 at 06:59pm

I love this show please keep it on. I don't usually comment but I really like this show.
03/05/19 at 10:49am

Leave the show on.
01/31/19 at 10:07pm

Love this show!
01/27/19 at 08:07pm

Love this show- pure entertainment- please renew!!!
01/23/19 at 12:37pm

Appears to be a promising show, but I’m getting tired of the liberal viewpoint.
12/27/18 at 01:24pm

I love this show. Please keep it on.

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