Splitting Up Together

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Mar 27, 2018 - Apr 09, 2019








Lena - Jenna FischerMartin - Oliver HudsonArthur - Bobby LeeMaya - Diane FarrCamille - Lindsay PriceMae - Olivia KevilleMason - Van CrosbyMilo - Sander Thomas

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A comedy following a couple whose marriage is reignited by their divorce.

Martin and Lena were once in love and happily married. But as time wore on, their relationship wore down and they drifted apart. After eventually deciding to divorce, the two still wanted the best for their three kids and ended up keeping their house to co-parent.

But as Lena starts to explore the dating scene, Martin realizes the part he played in their marriage not working out. With Martin now making an effort to atone for his missteps, perhaps their time apart will help lead them back together.

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09/15/19 at 03:24pm

So after the 1st 3 episodes I thought the show could make it, but then Jenni Fischer opened her big political mouth and feom there ratings started to fall - then in the middle of the season she started with her hateful tweets and this really helped the 30% drop-off in viewership

Blame ABC sure, but maybe these privileged actors should keep their opinions to themselves ..
05/26/19 at 06:05pm

I loved the chemistry between the couple. it was fun and showed the flaws couples can learn to cope with. So sorry it was cancelled. One of my favorite shows.
05/14/19 at 08:14am

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I love this show!!
05/16/18 at 05:33pm

remind me of an other show only last 2 seasons dad leave in the garage
04/16/18 at 07:40am

Yeah, be VERY careful trusting ABC to stick with anything that's good. I like the show because I like the cast. But they also had a great show in Downward Dog and didn't give that a chance at all.
04/13/18 at 02:46pm

I tried two episodes.....not working for me....
04/08/18 at 10:51pm

tried it for 2 episodes, If their was a joke I missed it, not usually hard on sitcoms thus I watch 90% of the ones currently on the air and ABC has canceled much much better ones after just 1 season that actually matched the quality of their other sitcoms so I can't imagine this lasting beyond it's short season if it even makes it that far.
Joan Yunck
04/01/18 at 09:31am

I hope this show isn't cancelled. I finally found one regular show that I enjoyed! What a relief. The acting is very good and the storyline is a hoot! Oliver Hudson has some really great facial expressions as does Jenna Fischer. Pleeeaaase say it isn't so!
03/29/18 at 12:10pm

Watched the piloit. Wondered if it would make it to the end of the fist episode. The wife is a nag. The husband a push over. The show was bland. The friends were token boring meh.
03/28/18 at 06:15pm

Again, love it. It's different but hilarious!

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