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Mar 22, 2018 - Present




Drama / Action


Andy - Jaina Lee OrtizBen - Jason GeorgeJack - Grey DamonVictoria - Barrett DossRyan - Alberto FrezzaTravis - Jay HaydenDean - Okieriete OnaodowanMaya - Danielle SavrePruitt - Miguel Sandoval

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A spin-off of Grey's Anatomy following the lives of Seattle firefighters.

At Seattle Fire Station 19, everyone from the captain to the rookies puts their hearts and lives on the line regardless of whether they are on duty or off the clock.

These heroic men and women are like a big family, and together they risk their lives as first responders in order to save others.

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05/12/19 at 07:16am

I don’t like it when networks speed up the video of shows so they can put more commercials in. Station 19 is so choppy and hard to understand. Characters and scenery move much faster than other TV shows that are speeded up that it looks like a cartoon. You need to slow down the editing of the video for season 3 or you’ll lose more viewers!
01/03/19 at 07:14pm

I wanna see if hot rich boathouse disinherited guy goes out with mer's sis on greys, cause Jackson is a drag, always annoyed and grumpy, fire guy is fun !
10/04/18 at 07:55am

The first episode was promising, after about 3 episodes it really started to slide down the gutter rat hole. Putting the obvious Gay Agenda pushed on this show, the whole premise was ludicrous, this is not how stallion runs nor how they promote within to Captain. No Fire Dept. would leave a highly active Fire Station without a SINGLE, Clearly defined interim Captain or Temporary Captain until a new Captain was assigned.
05/20/18 at 12:12pm

I would rather be cleaning out a septic system than watch this show. But my wife likes it and forces me to watch it. This show is unrealistic in the very least, and shove gayness down your throat. These liberal as hell shows deserves to be shelved badly.

Ps before y’all hippie lovers start bashing me just let me be very clear snowflakes I don’t care. It’s a abomination, greys anatomy too. you can start bashing anything you’d like my rant is over.
04/23/18 at 03:42pm

I really enjoy this show. I love the stories of the individual firefighters as well as the fires/emergencies they respond to. I think it's well acted and well written. I hope to see it renewed.
04/14/18 at 07:25pm

@tirebiter. I have to agree with the lamest of the century comment - but for the whole show. Also, hopefully, Charles will see your question because that is my preferred genre also and I may be wrong, but for now perhaps he was referring to The Crossing. It is 47 refugees from the future. Since it is on ABC, I don't hold out much hope.

As for Station 19, I can hardly believe it got on the air, even with the big names behind it. I am usually very easy to please as though I do enjoy "good" or "unique" TV, I still watch things most would call crappy simply because I have the time. I even forced myself to keep watching "Somewhere Between" last summer and despite the god awful acting, by the end the plot was tolerable.

Again, I will watch pretty much anything. But NOT STATION 19! Even with some actors I like, this show is ROCK BOTTOM.
04/12/18 at 12:54pm

BTW Charles, what is the name of the show that has 100 people from the future? I thought I was aware of the myriad of time traveling series but I don't recognize that one.
04/11/18 at 09:11pm

Charles, what you are describing is called "suspension of disbelief". But even when I know the tale of space travel, time travel, supernatural events, etc. is fictional, it still has to have sufficient credulity in order to successfully pull off the "suspension". Shows where super beings seemingly have the power to annihilate whole planets but get cold cocked from a blindsided punch tend to diminish the effect.

The writing on this show is lazy and immature. From the out of the blue promotions that are intended to catapult a fire fighter to lieutenant and ultimately to captain of the station is not suspending disbelief, it is being forced to ignore a far fetched story line. Coupled with contrived suspense that really in the worst possible case, just isn't that bad of a situation, just makes it worse. The firefighters stare at a burning room. Why the delay? Then they turn on the hoses and 20 seconds later the fire's out. That's just not a lot to get worked up over.

So no, I don't need to watch Animal Planet. But I do prefer shows that know how to properly transport the viewer into a proper state of suspended disbelief.
04/10/18 at 02:38am

@tirebiter I don't about you but myself I don't really watch TV for accurate situations. I watch TV to get lost in shows or forgot about my hectic day from real life. What Non Reality show out there gets everything right. None heck even reality TV is not reality. The Wine bottles yes that was very far fetched and would never happen , but don't forgot a new show just started that saw 100 people coming back from the future.. Is that possible. NO.. #just enjoy it and if you don't like it watch Animal planet or CNN..
04/07/18 at 09:56pm

I have been suffering through every episode so far, but I may be at my limit.

So many terrible things about this show. A fire station captain essentially gives a field promotion to his daughter to the rank of lieutenant.. I thought that there was a very difficult exam that she would have to take. And this was done so she could be promoted again to captain within a days. What organization would ever permit this?

But the firefighting scenarios are what's really bad. They make the political farce seem reasonable. In the last episode, a pretty simple kitchen fire that was put out within seconds with water hoses, heated a wine rack in the next room so much that the bottles exploded. How hot could it have been? There were two people in the room and they didn't seem overly affected by heat. How hot do wine bottles have to get before the wine builds pressure? And even so, wouldn't the corks pop out long before the glass shatters?

So then, all the civilian had to do was walk 5 feet past the exploding wine bottles with her mouth closed, but no, she somehow gets broken wine bottle glass stuck in her throat.

I nominate that scene for the lamest storyline in any show in the 21st century. It may even hold up for the next 82 years and win out at the end of the century.

Sometimes I watch reruns from even 10-15 years ago and am amazed at how bad current TV shows have become.

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