The Outpost

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Jul 10, 2018 - Oct 07, 2021


The CW


Drama / Fantasy




Talon - Jessica GreenGarret - Jake StormoenGwynn - Imogen WaterhouseJanzo - Anand Desai-Barochia

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A fantasy drama following a woman out to avenge the death of her family.

Talon is a Blackblood whose whole village was destroyed by a gang of mercenaries years ago. Now the only remaining member of her race, she travels to a lawless fortress on the edge of civilization looking for her family's killer.

On her way to the outpost, Talon comes to learn that she possesses a mysterious supernatural power that she must learn to harness in order to save herself and defend the world against a radical religious dictator.

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Mike F
10/08/21 at 11:20am

Why do they say 'cancelled' when a series actually has a proper ending? Talon gets the crown and her beau, the evil ones are sent to the freezer and the Outpost finally gets a Queen/Leader.
10/03/21 at 04:58pm

This was a great show!!!! It should be picked up by SiFi Channel.
07/30/21 at 07:15pm

I finally got around to deleting The Outpost from my series-to-be-recorded list. I just didn't find it interesting enough. Sorry.
05/16/21 at 06:08am

Love this show. When I see so much boring tv being renewed, it makes me happy to see some fun fantasy imaginative shows. It's been a really hard year and the escape of this kind of tv is needed.
George Spelvin
04/30/21 at 09:04am

Teen trash. Watched a few episodes but they couldn't draw me in. Unlikeable lead who can't act, only scowl. The bartender/medic was one of the only interesting characters but he bordered on too-creepy to make it worth watching the rest of them.
01/28/20 at 10:40am

I was so surprised this series was renewed for a season 3. I'd already removed it from recording at the end of season 2. I suppose I'll add it back for recording before S3 begins airing later this year (or just watch it on Apple TV) if I haven't already reached my recording limit for whatever the day & time turns out to be.

I do like the character Talon and Jessica Green's assertiveness as heroine. I'm just not liking the general story-line as to interest and direction.
Bernie Larsen
10/04/19 at 11:55pm

Really enjoy this series... kind of reminiscent of Xena or Hercules in the way it doesn't take itself too seriously. Good humour, great action, great characters, great actors, and a good storyline; here's hoping for Season 3!
09/26/19 at 09:09pm

I really hope this show gets another season. the effects may be hokie, but the story is good, as are the characters. Love Janzo for comic relief, and the addition of Tobin was good as well.
09/01/19 at 06:27pm

I love this show ... hope it renews. The characters are wonderful ... especially Talon and Jenzo.
10/06/18 at 11:48am

Love the characters in this show. Sure hope it is renewed.

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