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Oct 12, 2018 - May 11, 2023




Drama / Action




Robin - Brenton ThwaitesStarfire - Anna DiopRaven - Teagan CroftBeast Boy - Ryan PotterHawk - Alan RitchsonDove - Minka Kelly

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A drama following a team of superheroes who unite to combat evil.

Dick Grayson is a former circus performer who was trained by Batman to become Robin, his crime-fighting sidekick. Now he emerges from Gotham's shadow to lead a new group of young superheroes in the fight against villainous foes.

Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire join forces to stop a demonic evil threatening the world. And though they each battle their own inner demons, they all soon realize that while they may be broken alone, together they are Titans.

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08/16/21 at 01:59pm

WTF, Titans showrunners?! I am talking about S03E03. W T F'in F?!
11/19/20 at 08:26pm

Normally, I don't care for superhero shows. They are usually too over the top with goody two shoe heros and totally unbelievable CGI stunts. They storylines aren't well thought out and the acting is somewhat cheesy. That's why I was reluctant to watch Titans. I figured it would probably be ok for the first episode or two and then turn to crap just like so many others (hello... Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
To my surprise and pleasure, Titants turned out to be one HELL of a show! Whoever did the casting should get an award because the actors did a great job of pulling it off! I'm glad to see it was renewed for a 3rd season. I will eagerly await its return next year!
05/13/20 at 09:36pm

DC has failed us on many projects fans had excitement and great expectations for. They did shine in aqua man, wonder woman and somehow proved us all wrong with Batflick. He did a great aged caped crusader. Although Titans is off the charts amazing, expectations for fans to pay for a "very limited" service at a high markup was doomed from the start. DC has already begun plans of dismantling the streaming medium due to lack of subscribers. However, losing a show like Titans will be a hard pill to swallow if it is not relocated somewhere else.
10/12/18 at 07:09am

I dont understand. DC has consistently failed to deliver in its Movies, with only one bright spot, Wonder Women. Now they want us to pay a separate fee to watch yet another unseen series? No Thanks !

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