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Sep 09, 2018 - Present






Joe - Penn BadgleyBeck - Elizabeth LailPeach - Shay MitchellEthan - Zach CherryPaco - Luca Padovan

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A drama following a bookstore manager who becomes obsessed with the woman of his dreams.

Joe is a bookstore manager who becomes infatuated with an aspiring writer named Beck after the two cross paths. What starts out as an awkward crush ends up becoming on obsession, with Joe using social media to research intimate of details about Beck in order to get close to her. Discretely and strategically, Joe removes every obstacle and person in his path.

Based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes.

Comments (7)

02/11/23 at 06:26pm

Love love love. Great acting great twists. Love the narrative. Renew for season 5
07/23/20 at 02:15pm

Really love this show and the twists it gives in the story line. I hope it stays around a while.
01/05/20 at 06:26am

Really enjoy this show. It’s different. How’s character is awesome. You hate him but love him at the same time which is weird.
Season 2 was quite different and with a twist you just don’t expect.
Hopefully they renew it for a 3rd season! Fingers crossed.
05/25/19 at 07:57am

The show was recommended to me, saw it on Netflix (binge watched) was great very entertaining and very different. When is it starting back up for season 2? Can't wait.
03/01/19 at 01:52pm

This is a book I had started reading, but I got busy and couldn't finish it, so it's nice that I can watch it as a TV show and finish it and find out what happens.
01/13/19 at 05:42pm

Awesome show. You hate em but love em at the same time. Loved the story. Very different. Please renew
09/11/18 at 03:10pm

I would recommend giving it a try first episode was good

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