All Rise

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Sep 23, 2019 - Nov 18, 2023




Drama / Legal




Lola - Simone MissickMark - Wilson BethelEmily - Jessica CamachoJudith - Marg HelgenbergerLuke - J. Alex BrinsonSara - Lindsay MendezSherri - Ruthie Ann Miles

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A legal drama following the happenings at a Los Angeles courthouse.

This drama follows the chaotic, but hopeful, lives of the judges, prosecutors, and public defenders, at a Los Angeles courthouse as they work with clerks, bailiffs, and police to ensure justice is served to the people of Los Angeles amidst a flawed legal process.

Comments (29)

10/19/19 at 02:33pm

I think this is a great show, the actors are awesome and the story line is compelling. I'm sure they will find a reason to cancel it soon.
10/18/19 at 05:51am

I am loving this one!
10/10/19 at 02:54am

Far left political drama. Showing commieforia courts are above Federal law. Not worth the time. Wish there were negative numbers on ratings.
10/09/19 at 04:58pm

I'm giving this show one more episode. I know Hollywood is near 100% far left so all shows will have a Liberal slant. But this show takes it to a new level. It's basically CNN and MSNBC talking points set around a TV show. Hopefully episode 4 tries to stay away from this but I'm not optimistic.
10/07/19 at 06:26pm

Decent - 3 stars
10/02/19 at 06:30am

As a former California native, everyone talks fast in Cali. That doesn't bother me, but, I agree 100% with Sandy about the political agenda. Let me decide my politics, Hollywood. It's none of your business and we certainly do not need your uninformed and biased opinions shoved down our collective throats. Stick to what you do best and entertain me.
10/01/19 at 10:27am

This show has potential to be a decent show if they lose the political agenda. It is so transparently political to demonize those who do not agree with their political agenda and make those who do the harbingers of sainthood that it is laughable. Do they really think the viewers are that stupid so as to not see what they are doing? I prefer that for my entertainment I do not need to need to see sanctimonious political posturing. I can accept a balanced presentation of the issues but to present such a one sided attempt at political posturing make the show come across as a laughable parody. Too bad to spoil what could be a good show.
09/25/19 at 05:03am

I agree with David about the dialogue! It did slow as the show went on but at the beginning it was kind of hard to keep up with. Why do people have to talk so fast?? Oh the whole, it's a good show with good characters and I hope it sticks around for many seasons! :)
David Wood
09/24/19 at 07:25pm

Unsure of this one.
Wish they had slowed the high-speed dialogue a bit.

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