All Rise

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Sep 23, 2019 - Present




Drama / Legal


Lola - Simone MissickMark - Wilson BethelEmily - Jessica CamachoJudith - Marg HelgenbergerLuke - J. Alex BrinsonSara - Lindsay MendezSherri - Ruthie Ann Miles

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A legal drama following the happenings at a Los Angeles courthouse.

This drama follows the chaotic, but hopeful, lives of the judges, prosecutors, and public defenders, at a Los Angeles courthouse as they work with clerks, bailiffs, and police to ensure justice is served to the people of Los Angeles amidst a flawed legal process.

Comments (27)

Sherry Hayes
06/08/22 at 05:54pm

Thank you OWN for continuing this wonderful show. The new season is AWESOME!!!
06/07/22 at 06:45pm

I loved this show and was disappointed when they took it off CBS. Then we find out that OWN took it over, but not air in Canada..
WHY ???? Doesn't make sense.

Very disappointed , again
12/30/21 at 09:54am

I am so happy OWN grabbed this wonderful series. I look forward to the new season. I'll watch reruns on OWN while I wait!
06/12/21 at 10:15pm

I really liked this show. I am very sad that it was cancelled. It is almost if the a tv show doesn't have blood and gun fights, or a fight of some sort, it will be cancelled for a show that does.
05/18/21 at 08:44pm

I never watched this but I called it "Black Judging Amy" whenever I saw a commercial. ;-p
05/18/21 at 01:26pm

Best wishes to the cast & crew. I didn't think the series was too bad; certainly not enough to be cancelled, yet. I suppose we'll all be looking forward to see what CBS will put into the time-slots for all the various cancelled shows.
Again, good luck to all-involved.
Linda Yeo
05/16/21 at 09:46am

CBS needs to hire people who know what good entertaining shows are and quit cancelling...I am fed up with all the B.S. from this network...done watching
03/15/21 at 10:21pm

Oh my god. I used to like this show. It was interesting before Covid. Now, while so many shows have come back with more creativity this has lost it and the main characters never are there.

And please! If I had a dollar for every time someone takes off, puts on, or adjusts a mask each week, I’d be a rich man!! Cmon we get it. Covid is here and people wear masks. Other shows don’t make it a major part of the show. We get enough of this in real life. I don’t want to see it on a tv show. Stop with the covid as a character in the show. It’s annoying. We get it. People wear masks.
12/25/20 at 07:09pm

Just deleted recordings and stopped future shows from recording.

The show is not interesting anymore, and the Judge's appearance has gone downhill.
11/30/20 at 02:25pm

This show started out pretty good in the first season but the second season has been all racial propaganda. I will no longer be watching it. If I want political propaganda I will watch the news.

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