All Rise

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Sep 23, 2019 - Nov 18, 2023




Drama / Legal




Lola - Simone MissickMark - Wilson BethelEmily - Jessica CamachoJudith - Marg HelgenbergerLuke - J. Alex BrinsonSara - Lindsay MendezSherri - Ruthie Ann Miles

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A legal drama following the happenings at a Los Angeles courthouse.

This drama follows the chaotic, but hopeful, lives of the judges, prosecutors, and public defenders, at a Los Angeles courthouse as they work with clerks, bailiffs, and police to ensure justice is served to the people of Los Angeles amidst a flawed legal process.

Comments (29)

12/25/20 at 07:09pm

Just deleted recordings and stopped future shows from recording.

The show is not interesting anymore, and the Judge's appearance has gone downhill.
11/30/20 at 02:25pm

This show started out pretty good in the first season but the second season has been all racial propaganda. I will no longer be watching it. If I want political propaganda I will watch the news.
11/18/20 at 08:16am

Watched 1st new episode on 11/16/20 . I'm tired of all the racist stuff. If I want that I will watch the news. I will no longer watch this show.
05/08/20 at 02:41pm

show is just like every other political farce. Its not hard to tell who the writers favor, but then again just like most of Hollywood. Do us all a favor and make this a tv show and not a political agenda advertisement.
Better yet do us all a favor and cancel it
02/23/20 at 12:37pm

When I read what this show was about when it was first released I could not see myself watching it. Then I kept hearing about it and decided to see what it was about. Now I have binged 16 episodes and find it entertaining, well acted and worthy of being on the air. So what it has an agenda; everything does. Get over it and enjoy it. Hope to see it continue.
01/11/20 at 06:54pm

When is this garbage gonna' be canceled? All Crackers be bad... all homies are good.
01/07/20 at 05:24am

Love this show. Don't cancel.
12/18/19 at 09:01pm

Love this show!!
Yngve Andersen
12/15/19 at 02:26pm

Ok show.

And my answer to Gene:
Quote: "Gene
10/10/19 at 02:54am
Far left political drama. Showing commieforia courts are above Federal law. Not worth the time. Wish there were negative numbers on ratings."
------- What is wrong with you? This is acting/make-belive just like Fox News.
If you dont like it, dont watch it, Does everything has to be political in Trumpland? Maybe you should read a book?
11/08/19 at 09:31am

I enjoyed the first few episodes of this show but it has gone completely off the rails. The judge doesn't let the law or common sense get in the way of her actions or deeds. Totally unwatchable now.

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