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Apr 16, 2019 - May 05, 2020








Rio - Lake BellMike - Dax ShepardRudy - Ed Begley Jr.Constance - Pam GrierJacob - JT Neal

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A comedy following a newlywed couple's bumpy move from New York City to rural Nebraska.

New Yorkers Rio and Mike are newlyweds who have left the big city behind and moved to rural Nebraska. After saying good-bye to family, friends, and their jobs, they soon realize that living a simpler life takes more work than they originally thought. The couple must now adapt to their new surroundings while dealing with unexpected challenges in their new life as farmers.

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08/22/20 at 02:37am

We thought the show was funny. Some of the best one liners came when characters were talking over each other.
07/10/20 at 01:21pm

This show had so many funny episodes it actually kept me coming back for me. It ended with an "ok" episode I guess. I loved that she was the one pregnant and was so hoping she would get to be a new mom and we would get to see her be one and have fun on that adventure......on the farm. But I guess not.
06/12/20 at 03:57am

Another lighthearted fun show bites the dust at Network Television. What are they going to replace it with? The Networks always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence??? "A New Toy" Well...Buzz is nice, but Woody is better!!
06/07/20 at 08:33am

I watched both seasons when I saw it was canceled. Funny in a quirky kinda way. The best part was Rudy.
09/27/19 at 09:38pm

Maybe if Dax could have signed on his wife to play his wife, this show might stand a chance. It’s got early cancellation written all over it.
06/28/19 at 10:25am

My wife and I love this show. It’s very reminiscent of the show Green Acres.
Ginnie Loyet
06/22/19 at 09:18pm

My husband and I think its funny
06/01/19 at 12:34pm

I was kind of shocked at y'all's comments. I think the show is "stupid" funny... I have laughed so hard at times; the episodes all about the chickens - oh my goodness.
05/16/19 at 00:05am

This is the worst show I've seen in YEARS. It's not funny at all. Green Acres was 1 million times funnier than this garbage.Cancellation is imminent . You heard it here......
05/07/19 at 09:27pm

Yes, I made it to episode 4. (Please, everyone, try to hold your applause). This is just terrible. I tried really hard to watch and enjoy this show. I would sooner see re-runs of Green Acres and Schitt's Creek. I gave it a try. I held out hope for the Ed Begley / Pam Grier -- but after 4 shows, I was exhausted with it. It was just going nowhere. Should I feel exhausted after watching a 22 minute show??? Probably not. And the whole trail cam and son cutting off his thumb in Ep 4. I wish they sold the farm in the first episode to Beau & Kay.

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