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Apr 16, 2019 - May 05, 2020








Rio - Lake BellMike - Dax ShepardRudy - Ed Begley Jr.Constance - Pam GrierJacob - JT Neal

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A comedy following a newlywed couple's bumpy move from New York City to rural Nebraska.

New Yorkers Rio and Mike are newlyweds who have left the big city behind and moved to rural Nebraska. After saying good-bye to family, friends, and their jobs, they soon realize that living a simpler life takes more work than they originally thought. The couple must now adapt to their new surroundings while dealing with unexpected challenges in their new life as farmers.

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05/07/19 at 06:38pm

This show is an abomination. It’s not funny... at all... I like Dax Shepard but Lake Bell is horrible... this show sucks.
05/01/19 at 02:54pm

This is by far the best new sitcom of the entire season. Lake Bell is a revelation. It has goats and chickens and Pam Grier!!! That's as good as it gets people. If you don't like it, see a doctor, because you're probably dead.
05/01/19 at 08:46am

Thought it would of been better. Like both leads a lot but cannot go any further then episode 3.
04/25/19 at 08:16am

First episode wasnt all that great but the episode with the screaming goat... LMAO!! oh you got me now!
04/17/19 at 04:32pm

It's basically an unfunny version of Green Acres.I walked away after watching the first 10 minutes.
04/16/19 at 10:44pm

Sam + David -- those were *exactly* my same thoughts!! Ha ha! I am kinda interested in where the whole Ed Begley thing is going... I like Bell from Children's Hospital. That's enough to keep me for a few episodes until it gets its footing.
david zalewski
04/16/19 at 09:27am

I liked it 50 years ago when it was called Green Acres.
04/16/19 at 09:14am

This sounds like a rip-off of Schitt's Creek.

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