Blood & Treasure

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May 21, 2019 - Oct 02, 2022




Drama / Action




Lexi - Sofia PernasDanny - Matt BarrGwen - Katia WinterShaw - Michael James ShawHardwick - James CallisAna - Alicia CoppolaReza - Mohammed Marouazi

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An action drama following an antiquities expert who teams up with an art thief to catch an international terrorist.

Brilliant antiquities expert Danny teams up with cunning art thief Lexi in order to catch a ruthless terrorist who uses stolen treasure to fund his attacks.

As the duo traverses the globe in search of their target, they unwittingly find themselves entrenched in a centuries-old battle for the cradle of civilization.

Comments (12)

11/19/22 at 03:24pm

Blood & Treasure, The Code, and Whiskey Cavalier, love all these shows but they don’t seem to have much longevity. Get replaced by more crap reality shows. I hope at least this show can make it more than two seasons
07/26/22 at 05:19pm

I'm with Sassy Duck I liked whiskey cavalier Blood&Treasure is ok for the summer
10/20/19 at 04:24pm

I just read Sassy Duck's post from 7/24/19 and totally agree. In fact, I thought it was a post I made and just forgot doing so, my thoughts are identical regarding Blood & Treasure, The Code, and Whiskey Cavalier.
Richard J. Blanco
09/26/19 at 10:30pm

Don’t like this show love M. Barr Graceland
Sassy Duck
07/24/19 at 01:12pm

I've done my best to like this show, however, I lose interest at some point during each show. Since each one builds on the next, I've lost track of who's who and what's going on. They cancelled The Code, which totally kept my interest because I really liked the characters and the storylines. Same with Whiskey Cavalier. Find it hard to believe they actually renewed this one over the other two. Reality shows just aren't my cup of tea.
07/24/19 at 08:02am

Seriously? I watch this show, but feel that it is mediocre at best. They renew this show and cancel The Code??? What planet are they from?
07/03/19 at 05:15pm

This show is great... for those who stuck with it...good for you...makes it worth watching!
Tend to watch shows 2 episodes in a row... good tv show.
06/20/19 at 07:17pm

I am frankly only watching this because there were so few other shows out there (other than mostly reality tv and game shows). I will wave the flag like the others to chant "Bring back Whiskey Cavalier!" At least that show had good acting, fun humor and some decent writing. That cancellation was a big mistake. But I don't know how long I can stick with B&T. It's pretty bad.
Couch Potato
06/15/19 at 09:06pm

(K) I concur with your sentiments. I watched the first episode I hoped the writing and acting couldn't be as hacky as I thought. I tried to give the show a chance by watching the second episode, I couldn't get throughit .
There are 1000's of terrible t.v shows this being one of them.
Bring back Whisky Cavalier!!!
05/22/19 at 08:18pm

Cancelled right? Was excited to see this. Helped with the news of Whiskey Cavalier, but so bad we turned it off after less than 20 minutes. #SaveWhiskeyCavalier

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