Carol's Second Act

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Sep 26, 2019 - Mar 12, 2020








Carol - Patricia HeatonStephen - Kyle MacLachlanJenny - Ashley TisdaleMaya - Ito AghayereDaniel - Jean-Luc BilodeauLexie - Sabrina JaleesCaleb - Lucas Neff

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A comedy following a retired teacher pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor.

Carol Kenney has done a lot in her life. She's had a successful teaching career, raised her children, and been through a divorce.

Now at age 50 she is embarking on a unique second act and pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. Currently a medical intern among peers who are half her age, she'll need her enthusiasm, perspective, and life experience in order to make it a success.

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David Wood
09/27/19 at 05:59pm

Squeezed a few heh-hehs from me.
A character with wisdom from experience becoming a mother hen for her associates. And basically nothing to lose since this is "just" a second hobby career as it were, feels comfortable to watch.
I'm interested to see how she can naturally control her social setting (being a former successful teacher and all).
09/27/19 at 07:59am

I get that this is a comedy but the laughs are forced and everyone is trying too hard. No one is believable as a doctor. What doctor wears wedge sneakers and does not wear scrubs?
09/27/19 at 06:03am

Sorry, but I really didn’t think this show was that funny. I hope it gets better.
09/26/19 at 07:55am

I've now reconsidered, I very much like Patricia Heaton.
09/11/19 at 12:57pm

On second thought, maybe not. It did not seem very funny in previews.
08/18/19 at 09:34am

This show looks good and I'll give it a try.

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