Carol's Second Act

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Sep 26, 2019 - Mar 12, 2020








Carol - Patricia HeatonStephen - Kyle MacLachlanJenny - Ashley TisdaleMaya - Ito AghayereDaniel - Jean-Luc BilodeauLexie - Sabrina JaleesCaleb - Lucas Neff

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A comedy following a retired teacher pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor.

Carol Kenney has done a lot in her life. She's had a successful teaching career, raised her children, and been through a divorce.

Now at age 50 she is embarking on a unique second act and pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. Currently a medical intern among peers who are half her age, she'll need her enthusiasm, perspective, and life experience in order to make it a success.

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Just someone
05/19/20 at 08:26pm

I have FINALLY run out of fingers and toes to count for how many GOOD SHOWS have needlessly been cancelled.
05/15/20 at 12:43pm

It's a shame. Yes the show was simple, but in stressful times it's nice to watch something that doesn't have political agenda like so many of the shows the networks try and cram down our throats.I will miss Carol's Second Act and I was especially excited to see Kelsey Grammar in the final episode.
05/11/20 at 08:12am

I liked the show. It was simple entertainment which is nice after a long hard day. Something to make you laugh. I know it started out slow and has the current formula for casting, gay, old and wise, young know nothings but it was humorous with writing that was getting better as the show progressed.
05/07/20 at 04:26am

Other than The Magicians I have never even heard of almost every show on here that has been recently cancelled.
02/07/20 at 08:36am

I like this show! This seems to be the best new show!! I am about 14 episodes in, and I enjoy it! Yes, it is a little over-the-top at times, but I enjoy Patricia Heaton. She can pull it off! I loved her in The Middle. Even the strict boss has come around after the first few episodes which makes it more fun. Cedric Yarbrough (Reno 911), Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks / Portlandia), Lucas Neff (Raising Hope) -- all great! I hope it gets picked up for renewal. Happy Viewing!!!
01/16/20 at 05:40pm

Cancel. Cancel. Cancel.
01/02/20 at 06:18pm

What decade are we in?!? The laugh track on this show is too loud, very obnoxious and completely unnecessary. Apparently they didn't have enough faith in Patricia Heaton to bring the laughs without help. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much to work with here as the writing is awful -- I feel like I'm watching a show in the 1970's. So out of date and a shame for Patricia Heaton .... I don't see this being her third big successful series.
10/19/19 at 02:40pm

When I watch this show it sounds like maybe the original studio audience just did not find the show funny so they had to add a laugh track in post. It's a shame because Patricia Heaton hit the jackpot twice with Everbody Loves Raymond and The Middle but not this time.
Sharon Clore
10/09/19 at 06:09pm

I didn't find the show to be funny at all. I like Patricia Heaton and she was so good in Everybody Loves Raymond. Sometimes I think we get so use to the roll a person played that's it hard to like them in something else.
09/28/19 at 01:10pm

The only reason I will watch a few more episodes is Patricia Heaton's track record. But based on the pilot, this show has MUST CANCEL written all over it. The supporting cast is both uninteresting and the actors are downright horrible. The premise of the show is solid and has potential but may need a complete reboot.

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