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Sep 26, 2019 - Present






Kristen - Katja HerbersDavid - Mike ColterLeland - Michael EmersonBen - Aasif MandviLynn - Brooklyn ShuckLila - Skylar GrayLexis - Maddy CroccoLaura - Dalya KnappSheryl - Christine LahtiDr. Boggs - Kurt Fuller

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A drama following a psychologist who investigates supernatural incidents with a priest and a contractor.

Unexplained phenomena such as demonic possession, miracles, and supernatural occurrences are investigated by a skeptical female clinical psychologist, a priest-in-training, and a blue-collar contractor as they try to determine if there is a scientific explanation behind it.

Comments (25)

04/28/22 at 09:11am

What a great series! It's the new, updated X-Files! Can't wait for season 3.
11/23/21 at 12:48pm

So happy they renewed it for season 3. This show is so good and very different. Love the actors. Can’t wait to see what happens!!!
09/19/21 at 03:00am

Love this show and Katja Herbers is one sexy mamma
06/14/21 at 06:23pm

Looks like you were W R O N G!!!
01/08/21 at 02:57am

They haven't set a date for it yet...
01/08/21 at 00:59am

When will “Evil” return?
10/29/20 at 03:32pm

Oh THANKYOU cbs for renewing this fantastic show! I just binge watched season 1 and i am obsessed. As long as they dont have another lame episode about David's father, i think this show will stay on air
09/08/20 at 10:55am

Where can I download?
07/13/20 at 07:40am

Surprised this survived. At some point the good side needs to win, but this show is lacking a good guy triumph.
07/11/20 at 05:59pm

I love the humor and thrills this show gives each week. I binge watched it since I was late to it but I was glued the whole time. How can you not be?! I hope they keep this one on and coming!

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