In The Dark

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Apr 04, 2019 - Sep 19, 2022


The CW






Murphy - Perry MattfeldDean - Rich SommerJess - Brooke MarkhamHank - Derek WebsterJoy - Kathleen YorkDarnell - Keston John

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A drama following a blind woman searching for answers to her friend's unsolved murder.

Murphy is a flawed blind young woman stumbling through life with help from her two close friends - Jess, her roommate, and Tyson, a young man who once saved her from being mugged.

Murphy's life takes an unexpected turn when she comes across a lifeless body that she believes to be Tyson's while walking with her guide dog. But when the body disappears before the police arrive, they are reluctant to believe her story. Now Murphy sets out to find the truth about what really happened to her friend.

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David Wood
04/22/19 at 07:41pm

A combination of Bad Santa and Bad Teacher.
A deliberately unlikable character but I suspect with some redemption coming, if the series survives.
Her slutty, overall bad behavior does spawn some humour.
04/05/19 at 07:53am

I watched about 5 minutes of it and couldn't stand it.
04/05/19 at 05:51am

The first episode (pilot) was shot in just 2 weeks with little information known about the show's inception, addition enquiries by the entertainment media as to what prep' work was done on the realities of blindness carried out by the cast and writers have apparently been met with evasive and confused responses.

Some early critics/reporters and screenings viewers have been left with the belief that little to no research on the subject was carried out which, having watched the pilot, I wholeheartedly agree with.

There is quite literally nothing to like about this show, most notably the main crux of the story being based around a thoroughly unlikable character (not to mention a really bad representation of a blind person) investigating the murder of another thoroughly unlikable character.

I also must say that I think Perry Mattfeld was miscast in the lead role and I'm very surprised she decided to take the part, given her theatrical background. She deserves a better vehicle to break into TV (as a lead anyway) but saying that I would have thought she would have passed on this particular show.

She most likely wanted to do something edgy/gritty to make a name for herself as a 'serious actor' but even if she had 'the chops' for the part (sadly, I don't think she does) the production would ultimately let her down.

Hard pass for me!
Steve S.
04/04/19 at 00:20am

This is a Ben Stiller production. I watched trailer at imdb and nothing is appealing to me. An easy pass.

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