In The Dark

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Apr 04, 2019 - Sep 05, 2022


The CW






Murphy - Perry MattfeldDean - Rich SommerJess - Brooke MarkhamHank - Derek WebsterJoy - Kathleen YorkDarnell - Keston John

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A drama following a blind woman searching for answers to her friend's unsolved murder.

Murphy is a flawed blind young woman stumbling through life with help from her two close friends - Jess, her roommate, and Tyson, a young man who once saved her from being mugged.

Murphy's life takes an unexpected turn when she comes across a lifeless body that she believes to be Tyson's while walking with her guide dog. But when the body disappears before the police arrive, they are reluctant to believe her story. Now Murphy sets out to find the truth about what really happened to her friend.

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S. Liza Hockridge
06/27/22 at 09:48pm

I will miss this show as I still enjoy it.
06/22/22 at 12:54pm

oh come on now....I'm in the newest season and it's just same old same old. Finding drugs, getting in trouble for said drugs, rinse and repeat. Same with her bedroom antics. I've only held out this long since I figure I may as well see how this ends but it's getting harder to find anything redeeming about watching it.
06/23/21 at 06:11pm

I love the CW, but I have to watch it on my phone since Directv dropped the channel. That part sucks!
07/24/20 at 08:26pm

I love this show! Binge worthy, for sure!
06/21/20 at 07:17pm

I enjoy this show even with its flaws. Season 2 is better vs 1 but, still enjoyed season 1. I love Murphy she is great.
07/06/19 at 05:41am

Love the show except the seeing eye dog is definitely NOT a seeing eye dog. Should have a better trained dog.
06/28/19 at 12:57pm

Love this show. Cant wait for next season.
Cathy D
06/13/19 at 10:03am

LOVE this show! It is very honest, which is very refreshing!
Characters are real, not sugar sweet or nasty rotten -- they're all a bit of both...
Perapatetic Papa
05/19/19 at 10:16am

I want to hate this show so bad due to the lead character -- though breathtakingly portrayed by Ms Mattfield (who does, however need to look more blind at least every once-in-a-while, as her eyes are ALWAYS focused -- or maybe the character's faking!) -- being thoroughly reprehensible at times. Yet there is an underlying and powerful concern in her for her missing buddy.

I want to hate it, but I can't. Like an illegal painkiller, I'm addicted. Where will this disgusting character land?

Pleased to see my network-sponsored-mind/curiosity-drug survive for at least one more season.

I think...
05/18/19 at 04:53pm

I’m on episode two. Loving it.
The lead is amazing. Love how much she loves Tyson.
I bought the series on iTunes — & am in heaven. ❤️❤️❤️
Love the cast too. Murphy’s roommate is so sweet & obviously sees something good in Murphy. Plus —
The chemistry between Murphy & Max is amazing.

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