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Oct 09, 2019 - Present


The CW




Nancy - Kennedy McMannNick - Tunji KasimAce - Alex SaxonGeorge - Leah LewisBess - Maddison JaizaniCarson - Scott WolfRyan - Riley Smith

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A mystery drama featuring the titular famed fictional sleuth.

Nancy Drew is an 18-year-old detective and recent high school grad looking forward to heading off to college. But her plans are put on hold when she is one of the witnesses - and prime suspects - of a murder in her town.

Comments (11)

04/15/20 at 05:41am

I love this show. It's so nice to have a fun, not reality or competition based, show to just enjoy. So happy it is renewed!
Nancy Drew fan...not the TV show.
12/28/19 at 10:33pm

This show is just GROSS. Also, besides Nancy, everyone else is miscast. Bess should be a plus size person, Ned should be white and the acting is terrible. IF and that's a BIG IF the show is picked up next season...they need to recast Bess and Ned.
10/30/19 at 02:13pm

Got better on episode 3. Thank you for picking up a full season. Riverdale Fans are actually to Thank, they are the loyal viewers.
10/29/19 at 09:03am

does everyone understand PCPOS? as in politically correct piece of s**t? This new version is outstanding example of PCPOS
10/27/19 at 07:17am

HELL YEAH!! To you cry babies...SUCK IT LOSERS!!! Someone is pretending to be me down there but I LIKE THIS SHOW!
Sue McCue
10/25/19 at 11:16pm

Ugh....just ugh!
Mary M
10/14/19 at 08:40pm

Don't worry guys, I'm writing an angry letter letting them know how evil and demoralizing they are.BEGONE DEMONIZING NETWORK...BEGONE!!!
Mary M
10/14/19 at 08:37pm

Someone throw holy water on the CW for having sexual scenes. They also use the word "Bitch" a lot, they really need a talking to, that CW network, yes they sure do. And what's with the characters having affairs and stealing jewelry off of dead bodies
10/14/19 at 06:24pm

This is exactly the Nancy Drew I remember - a slutty waitress at the local diner. Please kill the CW before they ruin anything else.
10/10/19 at 06:28am

It's not too bad. I'll stick with it just to see. It can be good if the writers know what they're doing, so we'll see. As in the bed scene, it was not the very first scene, simmer down there fella, but I do agree that it is unnecessary for them to have to throw in scenes like that in there, they could make it so good without all that. But I'm not giving up, Hell I stuck with Pretty Little Liars for 7 years just to get throat punched, so I'm not giving up after just 1 episode. Tuning in next week. XOXO

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