Nancy Drew

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Oct 09, 2019 - Aug 23, 2023


The CW






Nancy - Kennedy McMannNick - Tunji KasimAce - Alex SaxonGeorge - Leah LewisBess - Maddison JaizaniCarson - Scott WolfRyan - Riley Smith

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A mystery drama featuring the titular famed fictional sleuth.

Nancy Drew is an 18-year-old detective and recent high school grad looking forward to heading off to college. But her plans are put on hold when she is one of the witnesses - and prime suspects - of a murder in her town.

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01/25/22 at 03:47pm

This show is all right. They have toned down the political correctness however they are relying too much on supernatural things. Out of 10 I give this show a 6/10. I stuck through pretty Little liars for seven seasons with my ex so I can handle this show. I usually stream this show too break the silence of my office but I'm doing upgrades on the weekends.
04/15/20 at 05:41am

I love this show. It's so nice to have a fun, not reality or competition based, show to just enjoy. So happy it is renewed!
Nancy Drew fan...not the TV show.
12/28/19 at 10:33pm

This show is just GROSS. Also, besides Nancy, everyone else is miscast. Bess should be a plus size person, Ned should be white and the acting is terrible. IF and that's a BIG IF the show is picked up next season...they need to recast Bess and Ned.
10/30/19 at 02:13pm

Got better on episode 3. Thank you for picking up a full season. Riverdale Fans are actually to Thank, they are the loyal viewers.
10/29/19 at 09:03am

does everyone understand PCPOS? as in politically correct piece of s**t? This new version is outstanding example of PCPOS
10/27/19 at 07:17am

HELL YEAH!! To you cry babies...SUCK IT LOSERS!!! Someone is pretending to be me down there but I LIKE THIS SHOW!
Sue McCue
10/25/19 at 11:16pm

Ugh....just ugh!
Mary M
10/14/19 at 08:40pm

Don't worry guys, I'm writing an angry letter letting them know how evil and demoralizing they are.BEGONE DEMONIZING NETWORK...BEGONE!!!
Mary M
10/14/19 at 08:37pm

Someone throw holy water on the CW for having sexual scenes. They also use the word "Bitch" a lot, they really need a talking to, that CW network, yes they sure do. And what's with the characters having affairs and stealing jewelry off of dead bodies
10/14/19 at 06:24pm

This is exactly the Nancy Drew I remember - a slutty waitress at the local diner. Please kill the CW before they ruin anything else.

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