Roswell, New Mexico

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Jan 15, 2019 - Present


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi


Liz - Jeanine MasonMax - Nathan ParsonsIsobel - Lily CowlesMichael - Michael VlamisAlex - Tyler BlackburnKyle - Michael TrevinoMaria - Heather HemmensNoah - Karan Oberoi

A drama following rising tension in a small town where aliens live among humans.

Liz Ortecho is a jaded biomedical researcher who has recently returned to her hometown of Roswell to care for her ill father after being away for over 10 years.

Her arrival allows her to reconnect with her high school crush Max Evans, who now works as a police officer. But Liz is surprised to learn that Max and his siblings are aliens who have spent their lives hiding their otherworldly abilities.

As Liz grows closer to Max, it gets harder for her to keep the truth from her other friends. But concealing the siblings' true identities is crucial, as a long-running government conspiracy and the politics of fear and hatred put their lives at risk.

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03/17/19 at 06:04pm

Jury is still out on whether I like this reboot. Loved the original and the books so I was a little leery of any reboots, especially on the CW. So far, it's not bad. Some episodes are a little slow. Unlike, apparently, many others, I do not have a problem with two of the characters being gay. The actors playing them bring a lot of chemistry on screen - far more that between the straight characters. Looking forward to how this plays out.
03/05/19 at 09:15pm

I like this show somewhat but all the liberal immigration crap and the homosexual scenes are not working. Good luck getting a season 2.....smh
03/05/19 at 07:53pm

Tonight's show (3/5/19 - S1 E7) was it for us. Really wanted this show to be successful, but it was ruined with all the illegal immigration stuff and personal angst. I wanted to ALIENS (little green men - or at least alien superpowers) -- not some undocumented Hollywood left-wing garbage.

Way to ruin a reboot!!
02/25/19 at 09:21pm

I try never to have high hopes for reboots, prequels, or sequels. With my low expectations I pushed play and could hardly believe how bad it was. Roswell, the home of conspiracy theories, now has a show set there that's only purpose seems to be to push a political agenda. Given the mess this country is in in a lot of areas due to the 50% vs 50% viewpoints, why would the powers that be want to automatically alienate 50% of viewers? With Shiri Appleby and the original cast still quite fresh in a lot of minds, why take such a risk? I didn't think i could be quite this disillusioned. Oh well, on to a different show that actually entertains.
02/25/19 at 03:45pm

Destroyed with SJW political bullshit... F!@# you Hollywood ..

People watch TV to be entertained, not to be assaulted with politics... cancel it.
02/23/19 at 09:29am

Well, judging from the previous comments, it seems that Hollyweird (et. al.) has succeeded in ruining yet another chance at making a good show. Evidently, the show's producers and writers are hell bent on injecting current politics and the "social justice agenda" into the show. I watch "science fiction" on TV to get AWAY from politics, which is pretty much 24/7 on most channels. I will NOT be watching this show, nor will I watch any other show that has any current politics injected into it. BYE!
02/07/19 at 12:16pm

Unless something changes, this show is going downhill fast. I get that they want to drag it out, but at least make something happen! Too wishy-washy.
Mike dobey
02/02/19 at 11:15am

This version is pretty solid , i do not care if they now have a gay character. Hope this one lasts.
01/21/19 at 04:50pm

Pretty much every SJW, LGBTQ box was ticked in the first episode.

Extra 'liberal agenda' points must go to the show's PC agenda for making the armed service person both gay and disabled. Do the show's writers get double points for ticking two boxes with one character?

I saw the show while visiting family from the UK (Don't worry Donald, I've no plan to stay beyond my visa) and I have fond memories of the original Roswell show so had hoped for better from this reboot sadly it appears it just wasn't to be, much the same as I found with the Charmed reboot.
01/17/19 at 05:27pm

I came back to change my 2 rating to a 1 rating, because its the lowest I can go. They made Michael GAY, really... GAY?

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