Roswell, New Mexico

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Jan 15, 2019 - Sep 05, 2022


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi




Liz - Jeanine MasonMax - Nathan ParsonsIsobel - Lily CowlesMichael - Michael VlamisAlex - Tyler BlackburnKyle - Michael TrevinoMaria - Heather HemmensNoah - Karan Oberoi

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A drama following rising tension in a small town where aliens live among humans.

Liz Ortecho is a jaded biomedical researcher who has recently returned to her hometown of Roswell to care for her ill father after being away for over 10 years.

Her arrival allows her to reconnect with her high school crush Max Evans, who now works as a police officer. But Liz is surprised to learn that Max and his siblings are aliens who have spent their lives hiding their otherworldly abilities.

As Liz grows closer to Max, it gets harder for her to keep the truth from her other friends. But concealing the siblings' true identities is crucial, as a long-running government conspiracy and the politics of fear and hatred put their lives at risk.

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Sunshine Girl
05/30/22 at 11:25pm

I could not even watch a whole episode back when it started. The gay agenda was so forced that all my friends, gay, straight, and A, thought it was awkward, condescending, and desperate. Gay people, same as straight, want to see a story about ROSWELL and ALIENS and our SHITTY GOVERNMDNT. Hollywood is pathetic. Just do a GAY SHOW and get out of your system. No need to overlay it onto the Roswell mythos. Such a douchebag gay move. :)

My sexuality? Completely and utterly irrelevant. Just like it should have been in Roswell.

But noooooooo..... Let's cram as much diversity down people's throats as possible.

Screw entertainment, right?

I don't even watch much television anymore. It is so desperate.

Everyone is too worried about hurting someone's feelings.

You know what hurts my feelings?

Desperate whiney lazy agenda ridden writing and propaganda.

Hollywood is a hypocritical cesspool of rich jerks.

Television executives have the minds of clams.

Ad agencies in cahoots with the corrupt pharmaceutical industry have sold everyone down the river. If you can't see THAT with these RETARDED drug commercials, then you aren't thinking straight.

Cop dramas ... Military dramas... Medical dramas ... Wash rinse repeat

Jesus H. Christ.


Turn off your TV and read a good book.

Before it is too late.
08/23/21 at 10:52pm

This show has been ruined by political propoganda. Adios
07/26/21 at 00:02am

The ruined the legacy of the Original show. What a crime!
06/30/21 at 08:44pm

Too much political propaganda, and I think considering the inhumane activity that is going on at our border, hollywood should shut up!
07/29/20 at 01:33pm

I really do like this show but like many other new shows the gay couple ruin it for me. I know there will be people out there who feel it is necessary to include this but it just isn’t for me.
07/05/20 at 07:18pm

I quit watching halfway through the second season. The characters were getting too dang boring & hard to follow. I’m out!
07/14/19 at 06:40am

Absolutely love this show
04/24/19 at 09:28am

Love the show but the finale seems to be the end, I hope I'm wrong!
04/23/19 at 02:08am

It did start out slowly but picked up halfway through this season. I am not bothered by the PC story elements or the politics. They reflect our current social and political climate.

Shiri Appleby (Liz Parker in the original Roswell Series) directed Episode 9. I thought it was one of the best.

Please renew this show. It deserves a shot at success.
04/21/19 at 07:22pm

So many angry conservatives! I LOVE the politics because just like MANY other shows it is addressing real world problems that too many choose to either ignore or only see one side of. I LOVE the diversity because guess what, that is what the world actually looks like! I LOVE the twists and turns that advance this story differently than the original series. I was hooked on episode one, and I will watch every episode available going forward. I'm hoping and crossing my fingers for a season 2 and beyond!

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