Temptation Island

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Jan 15, 2019 - Present




Host - Mark L. Walberg

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A dating series following couples testing their relationship by living with a group of singles.

Four dating couples come to Temptation Island at a pivotal time in their relationship, where they must mutually agree on if they are ready to make a long-term commitment to each other.

When they arrive at the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii, they are joined by 24 eligible men and women to help them make that decision. Once they start living the single lifestyle, it helps answer some of the most difficult questions about their relationship.

Will these couples stay together forever or go their separate ways?

Comments (5)

02/16/21 at 07:34am

If you watch this trash then you are part of the problem and are also trash. I can’t believe this stuff is on the air.
02/16/21 at 06:11am

hey if couples are stupid enough to be on this show, i'll watch their cheating stupidity. it's sometimes hilarious.
01/15/19 at 09:45am

Yet USA cancels good shows for this crap...a cheating show!
Steve S.
01/15/19 at 07:19am

reality tv = cheating = ****
12/23/18 at 06:30pm

Seems like a show all about cheating, ugh.

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