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The Boys

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Hughie - Jack QuaidBilly - Karl UrbanMother's Milk - Laz AlonsoTomer Capon - FrenchieThe Female - Karen FukuharaMadelyn - Elisabeth ShueStarlight - Erin MoriartyHomelander - Antony StarrQueen Maeve - Dominique McElligottA-Train - Jessie T. UsherThe Deep - Chace CrawfordBlack Noir - Nathan Mitchell

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A superhero drama based on the comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

What if powerful and revered superheroes were to abuse their powers instead of using them for good? The Boys are a superpowered CIA squad tasked with monitoring the community and exposing the truth about The Seven, and Vought – the multi-billion dollar conglomerate that manages these superheroes and covers up all of their dirty secrets.

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09/13/19 at 03:49am

I loved the concept of the show and if you ignore some wooden and sob par acting, then it's quite a refreshing show but it ruined itself at the end"SPOILER ALERT" when the wife was revealed to be fine and even have a son with the guy she cheated with. And for us to know butcher ruined his own life and abandoned his friends for a C..... Like her, I lost it and am not going to return to this show. I was totally rooting for butcher to get his revenge at all cost but there was no revenge, the wife abandoned him. And on top of that it reeked of feminist agenda with all the single mother and go after whoever you want and leave your husband and take his everything propaganda.
08/15/19 at 05:23am

I started watching last Tuesday, I couldn’t stop... these heroes are such assholes. Very refreshing to see a show like this. Can’t wait for Season 2
08/03/19 at 07:35pm

Started watching 1st episode, ended up binge watching this weekend! Can't wait for season 2!!
08/03/19 at 07:59am

Watched first season.... Hard to root for protagonists that are so anti-hero they are practically villains. The show misses something in the formula... too bad because the concept of fighting evil superheroes that everyone loves is intriguing.
I miss The Tick.
07/30/19 at 02:42pm

This show is messed up (in a good way,hehe). I need more! Yay, gonna get more!
07/30/19 at 05:07am

Good show. Starting binge watched it this weekend. Wasn't going to but watched the first episode and got hooked.
07/29/19 at 08:00am

I've only seen the first episode thus far.. but I gotta say it is a REFRESHING darker take on the who superhero thing. Marvel has become far too "popcorn" and "family friendly" and DC can't get it right to save their life.. this.. this is worth watching.
Garry Webb
07/29/19 at 05:42am

A well written dark humor anti hero series. The "heroes" have flaws and a dark side. Brace yourself this is not your average goody two-shoes type of series. If you enjoy good writing, great storytelling and dark humor this is the show for you!

Looking forward to season 2
Steve S.
07/26/19 at 05:26am

SuperBoys is already renewed and the 4.7 out of 5 rating shown above is solid and growing - yet no one has even seen them yet! The anticipation for hot boy tights has never been greater! Damnnn. I mean, dammmmn!

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