Virgin River

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Dec 06, 2019 - Present






Mel - Alexandra BreckenridgeJack - Martin HendersonJohn - Colin LawrenceJoey - Jenny CooperCharmaine - Lauren HammersleyHope - Annette O'TooleDoc - Tim Matheson

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A drama following a nurse who moves from the big city to a small town seeking a fresh start.

Mel Monroe is a nurse practitioner looking for a fresh start. After moving from Los Angeles to a remote northern California town, she is surprised by the welcome she receives and who she finds there.

Comments (5)

10/26/23 at 05:00pm

Not exactly like heart of dixie but has some cast members. Great show so far. It is obvious the writers had recently watched heart of dixie before writing the last season to air recently. Cmon guys get it together. Have ai check your scripts for plagerism.
07/22/22 at 05:35pm

I am binge watching the 1st four seasons and I absolutely love it! I am almost sure that as soon as I get into a show like this, then it gets canceled.
Margie P
06/11/21 at 09:27am

Hay I can't wait!!!
03/06/20 at 03:19pm

This show is exactly like Hart of Dixie. I like it.
Howard Leibovitch
01/21/20 at 02:51am

Really like this show. Quirky yet down home and well put together with good acting. Glad it was renewed.

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