9-1-1: Lone Star

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Jan 19, 2020 - Present






Owen - Rob LoweMichelle - Liv TylerJudd - Jim Parrack

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A spin-off of 9-1-1 set in Austin, Texas.

Owen Strand leaves his job as a New York firefighter and relocates to Austin, TX along with his son. There he focuses on balancing the duties of helping the people who need it with solving the problems in his personal life.

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01/28/20 at 09:34pm

We saw the trailer for this show and then my friend said, "white people are going to be so pissed." Judging by the comments, he was right.
01/26/20 at 06:39am

OMG, I thought this might be a decent show, until Rob Lowe started checking off PC diversity boxes to fill his teams' roster.
I had 2 episodes on the dvr, there won't be any more. Dean Youngblood, what happened to you, are you that desperate for a TV role? lol
Roger Tucker
01/24/20 at 05:50pm

so far the only thing I like about the show is the sound of Liv Tyler voice but after 2nd episode don't think I'll watch more
01/22/20 at 05:50am

Ok , with the PC overload aside , this show was just horrendous. I dont know what was worse , the acting or the plots . Rob Lowe, shame on you . Baby in a tree !!!!! I mean, come on !! I guess we should change the death of a show from jumping the shark to toddler in the tree .
01/21/20 at 06:48pm

I agree with Ted. Captain Metro sexual and his PC misfits - required for big network programming. What a joke. I guess it fits Austin pretty well though.
01/20/20 at 09:13pm

I actually really liked it. Much better than I was expecting. Good show.
Bob Marley
01/20/20 at 08:48pm

I see the KLANs out in force.
01/19/20 at 09:35pm

Wow, that was TERRIBLE.
Steve S.
01/19/20 at 12:41pm

Rob Lowe is desperate. Like Nike money, might as well take it.
01/19/20 at 01:35am

Ive seen enough

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