9-1-1: Lone Star

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Jan 19, 2020 - Present






Owen - Rob LoweMichelle - Liv TylerJudd - Jim Parrack

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A spin-off of 9-1-1 set in Austin, Texas.

Owen Strand leaves his job as a New York firefighter and relocates to Austin, TX along with his son. There he focuses on balancing the duties of helping the people who need it with solving the problems in his personal life.

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04/06/20 at 04:16am

Love the show and see massive potential. That being said, here's my thoughts;

Dear Hollywood, can't we just have one show that doesn't spend all of it's time trying to appease everyone pushing the left-wing liberal PC culture at the expense of the stories or plot?
04/04/20 at 10:58am

Hey TED, I’m a gay fire fighter of 25 years in a big city so far, happen to like seeing it. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean others don’t.
04/04/20 at 10:55am

GARY....Every single rescue, even the baby in the tree is taken from REAL emergencies across the world. Their staff googles and scours they internet for weird obscure or exciting rescues .
02/18/20 at 01:18pm

I really enjoy the show if you don't take it so serious and just enjoy it for what it is, a not real just fiction TV show. I really like Rob Lowe in whatever he does(not hard to look at) At 71yrs old you learn not to let too much get to you
02/11/20 at 12:56pm

Not the best in terms of plots and scripting, but much better than I thought. Cast works well together and it might be PC, but who cares. It shows everything in a positive light and we need that these days.
02/10/20 at 09:08pm

To Will Smith: how are whites racists?
Will Smith
02/10/20 at 03:53am

white people are racists
01/28/20 at 09:34pm

We saw the trailer for this show and then my friend said, "white people are going to be so pissed." Judging by the comments, he was right.
01/26/20 at 06:39am

OMG, I thought this might be a decent show, until Rob Lowe started checking off PC diversity boxes to fill his teams' roster.
I had 2 episodes on the dvr, there won't be any more. Dean Youngblood, what happened to you, are you that desperate for a TV role? lol
Roger Tucker
01/24/20 at 05:50pm

so far the only thing I like about the show is the sound of Liv Tyler voice but after 2nd episode don't think I'll watch more

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