B Positive

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Nov 05, 2020 - Mar 10, 2022








Drew - Thomas MiddleditchGina - Annaleigh AshfordGabby - Kether DonohueJulia - Sara RueMaddie - Izzy G.Eli - Terrence Terrell

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A comedy following a man in need of a kidney who finds an unlikely donor.

Drew is a therapist and recently-divorced dad in need of a kidney. He finds a possible donor in Gina, an unsophisticated woman from his past. Together, they form an unlikely friendship and start a journey that will greatly impact both of their lives.

Comments (19)

12/31/20 at 10:05am

Worst Show Ever! Can’t believe it’s even a question of whether it will be canceled or not. Who could like this tired, been done to death, garbage??
Lynne Wise
12/24/20 at 03:21pm

B Positive is a very funny show. The cast is hilarious. I hope it comes back.
12/10/20 at 05:47pm

This is a good show and I enjoy the cast and find it very funny. Anna Leigh Ashford is hilarious. Glad this show is on
11/23/20 at 01:43pm

Without hesitation, the plug should be pulled on this. Richard was great in Silicon Valley and adding Briga certainly improved the show but it needs to go.
11/17/20 at 03:40pm

Totally agree - this is an awful show. Have watched two episodes and it did NOT get any better. Don't waste your time! Read a book!
11/15/20 at 10:17am

This show is awful. I usually watch the first 3 episodes of something before I give up on them, but there's no way I'm sitting through another 2 episodes after that pilot.
I wouldn't be surprised if this gets cancelled by the 4th episode.
11/09/20 at 03:07pm

Worst new show ever! Cancel it now and put it out of it’s misery.
11/06/20 at 06:31pm

Wow!!?? Can you say "say what??". The first episode started out bad and ended with ????. Totally questionable. They terminate good shows and keep failures. I guess it's who you know and let crap win. Guess I'll join the "cut the cord" group. Better to save $180 and watch the multitude of dvd's I have, borrow from family and library.
11/05/20 at 07:42am


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