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Nov 05, 2020 - Present






Drew - Thomas MiddleditchGina - Annaleigh AshfordGabby - Kether DonohueJulia - Sara RueMaddie - Izzy G.Eli - Terrence Terrell

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A comedy following a man in need of a kidney who finds an unlikely donor.

Drew is a therapist and recently-divorced dad in need of a kidney. He finds a possible donor in Gina, an unsophisticated woman from his past. Together, they form an unlikely friendship and start a journey that will greatly impact both of their lives.

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Tom G
11/07/21 at 03:23pm

Season One was bearable but the new format is HORRIBLE....I was only able to tolerate the first two episodes of season two before abandoning it.
10/14/21 at 01:43pm

@The Doctor
10/14/21 at 06:14am

Looks like the answer to your wonder is No, the show will not be cancelled because of Thomas Middleditch sexual misconduct charges against him.
Melissa Niemi
04/20/21 at 09:28pm

I like this show! I think it's fun and the characters are likeable.
The Doctor
04/12/21 at 06:07pm

I wonder if this show will be canceled now that Thomas Middleditch has sexual misconduct charges against him???? But seriously, this show sucks... not funny to me at all... if it gets canceled,
Sadie Burton
03/12/21 at 04:03pm

This show brings a smile to my face. I love the positivity it brings and the quirky cast. I hope it comes back!
12/31/20 at 10:05am

Worst Show Ever! Can’t believe it’s even a question of whether it will be canceled or not. Who could like this tired, been done to death, garbage??
Lynne Wise
12/24/20 at 03:21pm

B Positive is a very funny show. The cast is hilarious. I hope it comes back.
12/10/20 at 05:47pm

This is a good show and I enjoy the cast and find it very funny. Anna Leigh Ashford is hilarious. Glad this show is on
11/23/20 at 01:43pm

Without hesitation, the plug should be pulled on this. Richard was great in Silicon Valley and adding Briga certainly improved the show but it needs to go.

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