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Nov 17, 2020 - Present






Cassie - Kylie BunburyCody - Ryan PhillippeJenny - Katheryn WinnickRick - John Carroll LynchDenise - Dedee PfeifferRonald - Brian GeraghtyDanielle - Natalie Alyn LindJerrie - Jesse James KeitelGrace - Jade PettyjohnHelen - Valerie Mahaffey

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A thriller following two detectives on the trail of a kidnapper terrorizing Montana.

Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt are two private detectives who join forces with Cody's estranged wife Jenny, a former cop, to search for two sisters who have been kidnapped by a trucker on a remote highway in Montana.

But when they learn that these girls are not the first to have disappeared in the area, it becomes a race against the clock to stop the killer before another victim is taken.

Based on C. J. Box's 2013 book "The Highway".

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Jenny Dont Play That
03/23/21 at 02:36pm

I really wanted to like this show. John Carroll Lynch is so good at playing a bad guy...and he was great in this, but right away I was annoyed with the story. They start off by killing one of the main characters almost immediately. The very one who was the biggest draw for a lot of people. From there you are left with 2 women who are supposed to be best friends but the writers, who totally and completely lack imagination, decide to cause a rift over a man and then force them to work together. Ugh. Please. If it wasn't for John Carroll Lynch, Valerie Mahaffey and Brian Geraghty, I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did. As it stands, the show went on a break and I plan on making it a permanent one.
03/14/21 at 08:49pm

I like the show... I watch it because the acting is good, the story is good I hope it comes back next year... BUT HEY I like all those things.... BUT THE MUSIC IS TO BE BACK GROUND MUSIC... IT DROWNS OUT WHAT THE PEOPLE ARE SAYING!!!!
Next year... cut the volume in half for the music...Please..
02/16/21 at 04:57pm

Totally hooked. Intrigued to know what happens next, after episode eight. Talk about a cliffhanger!!
12/15/20 at 07:28pm

I love this show can't wait till this comes back on.He was playing on Chicago p.d. and now he's a whole different person WOW
Kristy Pantil
12/03/20 at 08:02am

We LOVE this show it’s predictable but Awesome. It’s entertainment people!!! The
12/02/20 at 07:11pm

Calling this a thriller is a bit of a stretch. I'm not feeling a season 2 coming for this one.
12/02/20 at 07:13am

It's now 3 episodes in. I'm unsure about this series (or is it mini-series). I'm also unsure whether I can last for 10 episodes all with the same underlying murder/abduction/trafficking theme. Perhaps I've just got a short attention span and prefer tv shows with each episode or two wrapping up and starting fresh with the next episode.

I do like the casting and really like seeing K. Winnick in a modern setting after seeing her for so many years in "Vikings".

I think I can last another 7 episodes, but I can feel boredom setting in.
Mrs Darr
12/01/20 at 09:26pm

I'm hooked so far, storyline is worth following. Hope this show makes know abc always being cancelled!!! Hope it gets more than 1 season
11/22/20 at 06:34pm

I'm gonna give this at least two episodes before any judgment.
Couch Potato
11/21/20 at 07:28am

I think some shows are predictable, and some plots are weak, this is show is no different. The acting is eeeh but the storyline is intriguing. The last 15 minutes hooked me in. I highly recommend giving this show a chance. A pleasant surprise.

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