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Aug 05, 2020 - Present


The CW




Jenny - Serinda SwanMac - Roger CrossDwayne - Lovell Adams-GrayRiver - Kiley MayAlison - Tamara PodemskiRoss - Ehren KassamLiam - Eric Bruneau

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A drama following a rookie coroner investigating suspicious deaths in Toronto.

Dr. Jenny Cooper is a mother and recent widow who has just been appointed coroner in Toronto, tasked with investigating suspicious, sudden, or unnatural deaths.

With help from a homicide detective, a pathologist, and her assistant, Jenny utilizes her intuition and intellect to solve tough cases. She also has to balance the demands of her job with raising her teenage son and battling clinical anxiety.

Comments (5)

Jerry Hurley
09/19/21 at 02:43pm

Too bizarre!
09/07/21 at 01:34pm

I recently discovered this show and I ended up binge watching it and cannot wait for the next season.

I just wish she would stop doing that prayer thing over the dead bodies........
08/27/21 at 09:34am

I really like this show but the background music in this season is very annoying! Turn it down or take it out! I may stop watching because of it!
Steve S.
08/19/21 at 07:09am

I slightly watched the first episode and a half (101 and 102) via the free CW app which seems to keep your place (offers "resume") with hardly any commercials. CW doesn't seem to be pushing it. And Coroner didn't grab my attention despite me liking the two principals as I just wrote. It's far from your typical medical drama. Maybe it's good but it didn't get me.
Steve S.
08/19/21 at 00:32am

Despite the forced commercials in CW, I will try this show as I like Serinda Swan (Graceland blonde, Inhumans bald, and other shows and hair styles) and I like Roger Cross (Continuum, Dark Matter and other bullies and gentler roles). CW though, is suspect.

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