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FBI: Most Wanted

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Jan 07, 2020 - Present




Drama / Crime


Jess - Julian McMahonIsobel - Alana De La GarzaHana - Keisha Castle-HughesCrosby - Kellan LutzSheryll - Roxy SternbergClinton - Nathaniel Arcand

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A spin-off of Dick Wolf's 'FBI' focused on the Fugitive Task Force.

The Fugitive Task Force relentlessly tracks and captures the most-notorious criminals on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Veteran agent Jess LaCroix and his highly-skilled field team pursue those who are desperately working to elude being brought to justice.

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05/20/23 at 09:10pm

Just watch the episode from May 16th. They talked about how they were busing migrants from Texas to New York as a political stunt. Why should Texas and Arizona burden with all the migrants I have no problem with the governors of those States shipping migrants to Sanctuary cities. Especially since they should not be here at all. Guess what FBI I am no longer watching your shows I'm done goodbye
Fred Sim
04/21/23 at 02:03pm

Too much unnecessary killing.
Will not watch any longer.
Must be a USA thing.
No name
12/14/22 at 03:17pm

I really love this show but Dylan McDermott needs to be fired and replaced by someone else. He is fake and his acting is terrible
Pam Lincoln
09/21/22 at 02:32pm

I just tried watching this show again and once again Dylan McDermott is such a crappy actor. I am most definitely done with this show no more chances unless they get a new boss
04/27/22 at 09:19am

I don't like the replacement boss! I like him better playing the bad guy!!!!
No name
04/18/22 at 03:13pm

I just watched this show with Dylan McDermott and he is such a terrible actor. I will NO longer watch this show
Pam Lincoln
04/03/22 at 02:53pm

I am done! You kill Jess off for no reason! Don't get me started on his replacement either!!!!
03/16/22 at 05:09pm

Well, now I AM done with this show. SPOILER ALERT BELOW:

They killed Jess!!!!!! You seriously couldn't let him just leave the dang show! He had talked about retiring -- I thought sure they'd let him "sail off into the sunset" with his family. You had to take him away from his fiance and leave his daughter an orphan. What a bunch of miserable writers -- and boo CBS!
Tim D.
02/08/22 at 10:25am

What's going on with this show? Julian McMahon is the star of the show and the third of the original cast to leave. Will McDermott be the "new" Jess or will he be another agent replacing him? If it's the latter, what will become of Jess' daughter Tallie and his love interest from the stable. It's a shame that up to 3 characters might be out of work because one wants to quit (which we still don't know why yet).

Damn; it's sounding a little like CBS's newly departing Bull...
01/25/22 at 05:38pm

Pam Lincoln -- you took the words right out of my mouth. Just found this out a few minutes ago and it stinks. I am so annoyed with Dylan on Law & Order -- I'm sick of his storyline and he's a rotten villain. Now I'm supposed to buy him as a respectable FBI agent. NOPE Will be taking this one off my DVR after this season. What a shame -- I love Julian McMahon.

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