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Jan 07, 2020 - Present




Drama / Crime


Jess - Julian McMahonIsobel - Alana De La GarzaHana - Keisha Castle-HughesCrosby - Kellan LutzSheryll - Roxy SternbergClinton - Nathaniel Arcand

A spin-off of Dick Wolf's 'FBI' focused on the Fugitive Task Force.

The Fugitive Task Force relentlessly tracks and captures the most-notorious criminals on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Veteran agent Jess LaCroix and his highly-skilled field team pursue those who are desperately working to elude being brought to justice.

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04/29/20 at 05:38pm

This is one of the worst cop shows ever produced. Liberal crap, doesn't even begin to say it. Last nights episode (13) was the final straw. How they handled the stalker was just terrible. You really think this wackjob is going to just cry a bit and then give up and be normal? Have to validate his feelings and give him a choice? He would end up killing somebody sooner or later. How about the poor sap with the broken leg? What does he get out of this? Just the wait until the guy escapes from the nut house he gets sent to and comes after him again. He had the right idea with defending himself but he is just another gelded American male who doesn't know how. What a waste
Brian Johnson
04/14/20 at 08:06pm

I have watched all the episodes, and still am watching FBI Most wanted. I go by one rule, be your own critic. I see nothing wrong with this series, my hope is it renewed for a second season.
03/28/20 at 10:09pm

This show is awful. Liberal PC garbage every episode. It sucks, I'm done
03/18/20 at 08:17am

FBI : MW, sorry this TV series is not working for me.
I can't imagine a more eclectic group of people in the team, apart from their job, I can't imagine what they would have in common.

The writing 1 demensional, no depth to it. They've touch slightly on the backgrounds of 2 of the main characters.

Every story follows the same pattern; somebody goes and does something bad, they go on the run, they are tracked down and caught/killed blah.... boring.

I won't missed this series when its canned.
02/06/20 at 05:39am

Read comments but still wanted to watch. Made it to episode 3. Very bad writing....some scenes don’t make sense, especially the beginning of episode 3. Don’t waste your time.
02/01/20 at 07:42pm

This show is ridiculous and sooo PC. It looks like those actors actually take themselves seriously. And Eric Von Doom is the good guy.
01/26/20 at 06:42am

More PC garbage. The acting is also horrible. Watched 2 episodes, tried to give it a chance. But, I'm done with it.
Bob Marley
01/22/20 at 08:15pm

Unrealistic garbage. Left Wing CRAP doesn't do it justice. FBI Swat breaks into a room and a terrorist picks up a gun and they stop and talk him down? Stupidest thing I have ever seen. In reality they would have put so much lead in him they would have to sweep him up with a sponge. This show is worse than the other one. At least in this one, they get warrants, they don't threaten suspects into giving up their rights with intimidation.
01/07/20 at 08:28pm

Steve is correct. Last year’s FBI had an episode, with Julian McMahon guest starring, which was an introduction to this series
Steve S.
01/07/20 at 01:36am

I think this is supposed to be a spinoff of an episode in last year’s FBI: “When an ICE deportation officer kills his whole family and runs, OA and Maggie teams up with the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force to apprehend him.”

I saw someone’s comment about the new The Detective” series and the first episode was about bad in ICE. In other words, it possibly had a crazy liberal agenda. And maybe this Most Wanted is yet another of this line retreading left-wing stories.

I was seriously looking at looking at it (because there is no series I am watching right now) but I’ll keep with watching sports right now instead.

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