Outer Banks

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Apr 15, 2020 - Present






John B - Chase StokesSarah - Madelyn ClineKiara - Madison BaileyPope - Jonathan DavissJJ - Rudy PankowTopper - Austin NorthWard - Charles EstenRafe - Drew Starkey

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A drama following a group of friends who set out on a legendary treasure hunt.

The Pogues are a close group of local teenaged friends in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. After a hurricane shuts off the power during the summer season, it sparks numerous illicit events in its wake.

There is a search for group leader's missing father, a high-stakes treasure hunt for gold, forbidden relationships, and an escalating conflict between the Pogues and their rivals that results in the friends having to make life-changing decisions.

Comments (8)

10/08/20 at 09:25am

this show is amazing and I cannot wait for season 2 to come out!!! the actors are so fresh and new and when we think of them we think of OBX not another show! so good
Dirk Van Hauwaert
08/03/20 at 05:54pm

Have to go with John here: good story, well acted and no superheroes, zombies,...
Glad it got renewed!
Melissa J
07/24/20 at 12:00pm

This show started out good but fell off the deep end in the last 2-3 episodes. It was as if the writers went on strike and they pulled in some children to finish it.
07/01/20 at 08:59am

Great show, great act.... worth watching it. Season 2, please.
06/18/20 at 07:12am

Great show. Nice story without superheroes, vampires, or zombies for a change. Not a ton of twists and turns but they keep you guessing. Gives you a good roller coaster of emotions. I just binged season 1 and really hope there will be more seasons to come.
05/27/20 at 05:35pm

Excellent show! Could not stop watching it! Really hope there’s another season!
04/27/20 at 06:50am

I watched the entire season in one day! This is a great show. The story built and then, boom. Really well done with really great acting. Charles Esten is amazing! I really hope there is another season!
Kimberly Moin
04/16/20 at 07:42am

Binge worthy! Hope there is a second season.

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