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Perry Mason

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Jun 21, 2020 - Present




Drama / Crime


Perry - Matthew RhysAlice - Tatiana MaslanyElias - John LithgowPaul - Chris ChalkPete - Shea WhighamDella - Juliet Rylance

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A drama based on the early days of the famed character of the same name.

Set in 1931 Los Angeles, struggling private investigator Perry Mason takes on the case of the decade when a kidnapping goes wrong. But his relentless pursuit of the truth reveals a fractured city and a possible road to self-redemption.

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02/05/22 at 07:09pm

Looking forward to the next season. Well acted, suspenseful, and wraps up the season but sets up the story to continue.
sue smith
08/22/20 at 08:14pm

good, gritty,
08/09/20 at 11:13pm

Should have said Extremely loosely base on Earl S. Gardner. Very poor writing, what they lack in writing, curse words were used. Deleted the show, never to be watched again, don't waste your time. Perry becomes a lawyer in a week???? Mr. Gardner is spinning in his grave!!!! He will curse the show and all involved.
06/22/20 at 12:47pm

OMG Love! The first episode was really good....dark, disturbing and so well done. Love how they have shown this side of how Perry Mason, the world he lived in and how he becomes who he is later in life. Excited for the rest of the season.
06/04/20 at 10:54am


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