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May 01, 2020 - Present


Comedy / Sci-fi


Nathan - Robbie AmellNora - Andy AlloIngrid - Allegra EdwardsAleesha - Zainab JohnsonLuke - Kevin Bigley

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A sci-fi dramedy following a man who is uploaded to a virtual world after a car crash.

In 2033, Nathan Brown is a computer coder in Los Angeles who was involved in a terrible car accident at the wheel of his self-driving car. Nora is a cash-strapped customer service rep in Brooklyn who works for an elite digital afterlife company.

After his crash, Nathan's high-maintenance girlfriend uploads him to Nora's virtual reality world in the "Lakeview" digital afterlife. Nathan now must navigate his new and surreal surroundings with the help of Nora, who is his newly-acquainted customer service rep.

Comments (10)

06/16/22 at 11:49pm

I have just started watching this show, and I enjoy it a lot. The actors is quit good and there is chemistry between them, which makes is more believeble.

I hope they carry on or at least conclude the show...
01/25/22 at 08:19pm

Thank goodness! Finally, something different! I am so happy there’s a season two!!
08/20/20 at 01:11pm

I really liked it, such a break from all these crappy reality shows they insist on showing forever and ever. I was reading comments somewhere online and people were saying there was too much sex and nudity, I was thinking OMG seriously watch about 30 minutes of MTV or hell even the bachelor or bachelorette there is WAY more sex there, and way more being shown so get over it. Stop showering in a 1 piece.
06/19/20 at 04:51pm

I just watched it because nothing was appealing to me.. I loved it and I'm so glad it's renewed because cliffhangers suck. I didn't realize the eps were 30 mins.
Liza Robertson
06/08/20 at 06:54am

I was expecting this to be campy and cheesy, but I really enjoyed it. It went by too fast. I was so upset at the last episode. I was so... I just wanted to punch her in the face, not to give anything away. Why would they end lit ike that?
05/15/20 at 10:43am

To show just how good it is I didn't realize it was only just a half-hour per episode. Fantastic, so glad to see it was renewed.
05/12/20 at 09:39am

Hope it lasts longer than Tomorrow People, Robbie takes a good part in these futuristic style shows.
John Kreider
05/07/20 at 02:26pm

We need a Season 2!!
05/07/20 at 07:04am

I love this show. Was hoping to see some news on whether Season 2 will happen. Hoping for some info soon. If Bat Woman can stay on CW for a Season 2 then Prime can surly give this a season 2.
05/07/20 at 04:05am

It's too good not to be renewed for season 2.

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