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Sep 09, 2020 - Apr 08, 2022








Keef - Lamorne MorrisClovis - T. MurphGunther - Blake AndersonKerstin - Lara GoldieAyana - Sasheer ZamataNancy - Elizabeth Bowen

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A comedy following an African-American cartoonist whose life changes after an unexpected incident.

Keef is an up-and-coming African-American cartoonist about to break into mainstream success. When an unexpected incident causes him to see the world in a whole new light, Keef is left to face new voices and ideas that challenge him - all without destroying everything he’s already built.

Based on the life of artist Keith Knight.

Comments (5)

07/12/22 at 04:53pm

Great casting, witty, sharp stuff. On to bigger and better projects Keith.
07/09/22 at 00:03am

Go woke, go broke. Virtue signalling with PC shows even at the mega corporate level fails. Good riddance to whiny rubbish.
07/01/22 at 11:14am

Woke means crying about every little thing when you don't get your way.Mostly miserable always unhappy people that wants everybody to be like them.
04/08/22 at 08:51am

Wow You must not (and admitted to) know what the modern meaning of Woke is. Well let me awaken you to it. One meaning of Woke is to be made aware of a problem you previously did not see. "To see the irks in a whole new light" is another way of saying it. Now you know that you can be awoken to the proper use. Please stop trying to use it a code for not understand the plight of others.
Steve S.
09/09/20 at 07:08pm

I don’t see anything in the description that makes this woke in contemporary usage. Many or most new shows these days seem to helpings of woke garbage, so now they name one woke when it isn’t?

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