Young Wallander

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Sep 03, 2020 - Feb 17, 2022








Kurt - Adam PålssonHemberg - Richard Dillane

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A drama following the early experiences faced by Wallander as a recently graduated cop.

This reimagining follows the growing experiences of Kurt Wallander as a police officer in his early 20s in 2020 Sweden.

Fresh out of the police academy, Wallander witnesses a heinous crime and is pulled into investigating it under the wing of superintendent Hemberg.

Based on Henning Mankell's novels.

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Get rid of Trash TV
04/06/23 at 02:31am

Young Wallander is the reason why TV sucks. It was so piss poor. Inclusion trash story lines which we have all seen before. And absolutely terrible acting and dialogue. Who writes this garbage? Be smart and watch the original or Kenneth Bramagh versions. So good.
03/29/23 at 09:09am

Cancelled no season 3

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