Cruel Summer

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Apr 20, 2021 - Jul 31, 2023








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An anthology drama following the mystery behind a teen's disappearance or death.

In Season 1 of this anthology drama, popular girl Kate Wallis vanishes from her charmed life one day without a trace. Jeanette Turner is a nerdy poser who gets accused of being connected to Kate's disappearance. While all signs point to Jeanette being involved, could she actually be the victim? And is Kate really who she appears to be?

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Gloria Elizabeth
02/12/24 at 03:12pm

Another good one bites the dust...smh
01/09/24 at 08:39pm

I loved both seasons (They were unrelated) especially the last minute twist. Great acting & you had to think to follow the 3 different timelines at once. The format was a nice change from the norm.
06/14/21 at 05:49am

I feel like they marketed this show wrong. They acted like this was gonna be some sort of a mystery show. Ive watched all but the last episode so far. Their twists were seen from a mile away. This is less of a story of an intriguing mystery and more a store just on grooming. There's no mystery.
06/02/21 at 05:31pm

Waiting for a renewal before I watch. Sick of getting into a show for it to last only 1 season
Ursula E Stewart
05/06/21 at 12:21pm

There are so many twists in this drama I am really enjoying it.
04/25/21 at 01:36am

Really enjoying it so far...

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