CSI: Vegas

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Oct 06, 2021 - May 19, 2024




Drama / Crime




Catherine - Marg HelgenbergerGil - William PetersenSara - Jorja FoxDavid - Wallace Langham

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A crime drama that acts as a sequel to the original 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'.

Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle are back in the city where it all began. Joined by a brilliant new team of forensic investigators, the crime lab welcomes back old friends and utilizes new techniques in order to serve justice in Sin City - all while facing an existential threat that could bring down their operation.

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Richard J. Blanco
12/07/21 at 11:25pm

Character driven show, good story lines all the other shows are going on hiatus and breaks in taking five weeks off here three weeks there and CSI Vegas is new show every week new show every week I hope CBS renews the show and if you know maybe 10 or 11 episodes each year probably be perfect as long as they don't take a break or a hiatus every in two or three weeks
12/05/21 at 01:59pm

Pkease renew this show!!! I love the original CSI. I wasn't sure at first with the new cast, but it's all worked out great!
11/19/21 at 09:52pm

Really love this show. Love that they brought back so many of the original characters. I the the boss. She is great in the roll! and I love the chemistry between Grissom and Sarah, excellent.
Randolph Martin Miller
11/18/21 at 03:47pm

Since when is 10 episodes a season? Not enough time to decide if its shit or not!
Matt 359
10/29/21 at 12:02pm

Not bad. I'll watch for a while.
Pam Lincoln
10/12/21 at 01:35pm

I prefer the original cast. I will give it a chance but not impressed
marc winters
04/27/21 at 11:18pm

Nice i like that
04/17/21 at 09:08am

The original was an incredible show! If they make this show woke, I am gone.

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