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Oct 07, 2021 - Present






Samantha - Rose McIverJay - Utkarsh AmbudkarIsaac - Brandon Scott JonesPete - Richie MoriartyTrevor - Asher GrodmanHetty - Rebecca WisockyFlower - Sheila CarrascoAlberta - Danielle PinnockSasappis - Roman ZaragozaThorfinn - Devan Chandler Long

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A comedy following a couple who start a bed & breakfast in an inherited house that is haunted.

Samantha and Jay decide to take a risk and convert their recently inherited country estate into a bed & breakfast.

Unfortunately, the place is not only falling apart, but it's also inhabited by spirits of previous residents - and only Samantha can see them.

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03/09/24 at 03:30am

While it started a bit awkwardly it continues to improve and season 3 has really hit the ground running.
02/15/24 at 03:36am

I watched this show from the beginning, after it premiered. This show keeps getting better as it goes on. Season 2 was really entertaining. I love seeing some of the back stories of the ghosts. Looking forward to season 3.
11/26/23 at 07:38am

CBS has brought the UK version to their schedule here. I was very excited to finally compare them and I must admit that we like the US version better. Granted, it could be the fact that we saw the US version first, but we like the flow of it and the characters better. However, we are enjoying the UK version and the slightly different play on the ghosts, especially the WWII soldier, but we like the owners in the US one better. Still think that the concept in both of them is wonderful and well done.
07/02/23 at 03:33pm

This is VERY quickly becoming one of my favorite shows!! Waiting impatiently for season 3. :)
06/24/23 at 06:42pm

Love the US version and how the slip in the dirty mind things. The show has me laughing every episode. Has the iZombie actress in a lead role which is good.

Some people will like the UK version better and some will like the US version better. You will have to watch both to see what you like since everyone has different taste.
- The Codeman
03/31/23 at 09:03pm

The upcoming 5th season will be the series' last one, as announced in BBC website.
01/21/23 at 09:19pm

This show is so refreshing and original. And it gets better and better as it goes along. We love all the back stories and history, and the cast is wonderful. Hopefully they stand behind it and keep it going!
12/03/22 at 11:56am

Love this show!!! I tried to watch the uk version after season 1 of the U.S version
I couldn't do it! This one is so much better
05/03/22 at 12:32pm

This is the most fun show I’ve watched for a very long time!!! Love it so much…. PLEASE CBS keep renewing this delightful show!!!
04/30/22 at 03:10pm

An awful version of the UK show. Acting is pure trash. Actors are awful.
If you want to watch "Ghosts" - you must watch the original....not this trash!!

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