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Samantha - Rose McIverJay - Utkarsh AmbudkarIsaac - Brandon Scott JonesPete - Richie MoriartyTrevor - Asher GrodmanHetty - Rebecca WisockyFlower - Sheila CarrascoAlberta - Danielle PinnockSasappis - Roman ZaragozaThorfinn - Devan Chandler Long

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A comedy following a couple who start a bed & breakfast in an inherited house that is haunted.

Samantha and Jay decide to take a risk and convert their recently inherited country estate into a bed & breakfast.

Unfortunately, the place is not only falling apart, but it's also inhabited by spirits of previous residents - and only Samantha can see them.

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01/17/22 at 03:19pm

Nothing the Americans copy from Britain is as good as the British version. The Office being the rare exception. But considering all of the crap on American network TV, this show pretty good.
12/16/21 at 01:58pm

Started watching the UK version now too. Some stuff I like about the US version better and some stuff I've liked about the UK version better. Overall I like the US version better though - I think a lot of it has to do with what you watched first also being familiar with some of the actors in seeing/liking them in other parts.
12/09/21 at 02:15pm

I have to agree with others about the UK version. If you've seen that, then you know how funny it is. The US version doesn't compare. I watched a few episodes and it just doesn't work. Not sure about the comment in regards to people not finding humor funny. I think most here do. They just know when a show is inferior to the original.
Ron N
11/24/21 at 07:16am

Compared to other sitcoms these days I find myself laughing out loud a lot at this one. Never seen the british version so I don't have that to compare to. Not sure about all the negative comments. I guess some people just don't find humor funny.
11/23/21 at 11:05am

Maybe it's because I watched the British version of this show, but I only got a few episodes into this one before I decided to turn it off. It just wasn't very good. The original is funny but this one isn't even though it follows it almost exactly. The casting of the main characters doesn't really work. They are so....off, and although the change up of the ghosts is nice, some of them are just dull and come off too modern.
Sandra Dee
11/11/21 at 01:09pm

I haven't seen the UK version of this but I think I'm going to give it a go because the acting in this one is just absolutely terrible. It's actually painful to watch.How it got picked up for a full season I have no idea....
10/14/21 at 06:59pm

Some missteps... (compared to the UK version)....

The politician.. having him older allows or some "not so politically correct" comments from time to time. Having the politician as a young, promiscuous, man he still seems of recent times and current "don't offend ANYONE" mindsets.

The Viking.. I can see he's filling Robin's role (the caveman). Makes sense. Although Robin on the UK version is gold. Will see how the viking works out.

The "flapper"... She bawdy and lewd, not at all like the childlike presence of her UK counterpart. The joyful innocence should be present as a direct opposition to other ghosts. It's not.

The Native American... I "get it" but so far.. ermm.. why? Guess we'll see.

Maybe I missed it, but where's the poet fawning over the wife?

The general.. so they've made him colonial and pretty much out from episode one. The great thing about the UK general is it is hinted at repeatedly while he's stern and "by the book". None of that has been relayed in the US version. Shame. Why not a WWI general with a hard-nosed mindset...

The wife explaining to the husband in episode 2.. and he believing her seems rather rushed... I think that happened in season 2 of the UK version (7 or 8 episodes from series start)

So, thus far.. if the UK version is a 10 (cuz it's great).. I give the US version a 6. They've missed some opportunities, so far. They may catch up as episodes progress. Then again, it may also get more "woke" and worse... we'll have to see.
10/12/21 at 04:58am

Having seen the Original UK version and this one. The UK version is much better. Since the UK show has been getting a lot of attention they seem to have thrown this together overnight. They basically copied over the show yet made it less funny.
10/11/21 at 07:50pm

Enjoyed the first two episodes. Debating on if I should watch the UK version too.
Vera Covarrubias
10/08/21 at 01:35pm

I was really hoping they wouldn't follow the UK version so closely. I know it works there and it is really good, but the US version should change it up more.

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