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Oct 07, 2021 - Present






Samantha - Rose McIverJay - Utkarsh AmbudkarIsaac - Brandon Scott JonesPete - Richie MoriartyTrevor - Asher GrodmanHetty - Rebecca WisockyFlower - Sheila CarrascoAlberta - Danielle PinnockSasappis - Roman ZaragozaThorfinn - Devan Chandler Long

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A comedy following a couple who start a bed & breakfast in an inherited house that is haunted.

Samantha and Jay decide to take a risk and convert their recently inherited country estate into a bed & breakfast.

Unfortunately, the place is not only falling apart, but it's also inhabited by spirits of previous residents - and only Samantha can see them.

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Vera Covarrubias
10/08/21 at 01:35pm

I was really hoping they wouldn't follow the UK version so closely. I know it works there and it is really good, but the US version should change it up more.
Gregg Hadwyn
10/07/21 at 09:31pm

The UK version is great and can the USA duplicate its like Shameless and Skins you didn't do it justice USA.

Anyone check out the UK version. Here is the IMDb
10/07/21 at 07:04pm

So after see the first two episodes, it has the same charm of the UK version. So far I like it just as much.
10/07/21 at 06:38pm

The original (BBC version) is so much better. This lazy remake lacks the dry wit and comedic timing of its counterpart. Also the acting pales in comparison.
09/26/21 at 01:23pm

Ever since I found the british version of Ghosts on HBO Max and enjoyed it a lot, then found out there was an American version coming. I am curious if they can pull it off. The time frames for all the ghosts I believe are closer together, which I guess makes sense since the country itself is younger. We'll see.

The American "The Office" worked, even though I wasn't a fan. The American version of "Coupling" fell on its face, but I thought it should have been given more of a chance.
08/09/21 at 11:49am

Based on the trailer, this show seems kinda fun. I'll give it a shot.

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